The senior experience

When you reach senior status, you engage in a variety of "senior" experiences-capstone courses, integrating experiences, design projects, culminating performances or shows, senior theses or projects, internships or co-op placements and the like. These senior experiences are some

of the most important SJSU hallmarks, and are a key reason why employers often prefer SJSU graduates to graduates of more visible and more prestigious institutions. SJSU students know how to do things, because they have hands-on experiences.

You will complete your Advanced General Education, where you will place the basic information of your lower division GE into integrated contexts. You will engage in issues involving social equality and inequality, in issues of global perspectives in culture and history, and in the integration of your science knowledge to applications to the environment.

You may also undertake special Departmental Honor's courses and projects.

By now, the Career Center is crucial to your future. Writing a résumé, interviewing for jobs and meeting with industry representatives are acquired skills. Don't leave here without them.

Congratulations, you did it! Go to Commencement, even if you graduate mid-year. Invite your entire family (there's room!) and celebrate. If you're the first or the fourth generation to earn a baccalaureate, it's your achievement.