Stay focused

Juniors are involved heavily in upper-division work in the major, establishing working relationships with faculty, sometimes beginning to do work in the department such as assisting

in labs, helping faculty do classroom work, and the like. Many students begin to coordinate their work, both on and off campus, with their major.

During the junior year, you will demonstrate your baccalaureate level communication skills through a common test and a discipline-based course that "fine tunes" your writing for your future career.

The big chill - at this point, you might feel as if you need a break. You can shake things up and still stay focused on your goals by:

  • Overseas study
  • Volunteer experience in our community
  • Reorganizing your college year by taking summer classes
  • Joining a campus club
  • Engaging in service learning: Be active in the community and learn through service
  • Attending at least one campus event during each term
  • Taking a class just for fun
  • Tutoring another student
  • Becoming a campus tour guide
  • Mentoring a middle school student