How long will it really take to graduate?

You can graduate in four years - but it takes good planning to make it happen. Students who wish to graduate in four years must be ready for college-level work on admission; maintain a full load of course work for every term, as well as maintain the appropriate GPA requirement for the major and university. Let your major advisor know that you intend to graduate in four years so that you can plan from the start.

However, most students, but not all, realize that they will probably not graduate in four years, especially if any remedial work is required, or if they expect to be working more than about 5 hours per week. Most students who start as frosh at SJSU, who work and who remain enrolled will graduate in about five and a half years. The university does not require graduation in four years, though it also does not encourage students to take too long to graduate.

We're all different, we all grow up on different time lines, and one of the most important parts of college is that the new student is learning just who he or she really is.

Changing majors is extremely common - being open to figuring out one's interests and talents is an important part of the college process. New students are learning continually about jobs and careers that they've never even heard of before, or thought about carefully. Feeling stuck in the "wrong" major frequently leads to failing grades and dropping out of school. Changing majors inevitably delays graduation a little but that's better than coming back a decade later after working at "the wrong career" for many years. Because of the current limitated resources, students must choose their majors carefully. Change of major is by petition only and is not guaranteed.