Advice To Parents/Family Members

  • Listen with an open mind. Be supportive and don't trivialize your student's concerns.
  • Discuss values, but don't give lectures.
  • Be prepared for your student's conflicting emotions as the day of departure approaches.
  • If you take your student to campus, don't expect to spend a lot of time together. Orientation is designed to foster separation.
  • Be a coach rather than a rescuer: Encourage your student to use the resources at college. Learn what the resources are. Keep all materials from orientation in an accessible place.
  • Be an anchor; don't make major changes at home without informing your student first.
  • Keep in touch; write letters/e-mails and send care packages if your student lives away from home.
Alcohol, drugs and sex
Discussion topics for parents
New Experiences and Perspectives
Questions to ask before your student begins classes at SJSU . . .
Release of information