Pre-Professional Studies

Contrary to popular belief, "pre-professional studies" is usually not a major at the undergraduate level. Rather, the term describes an interest in pursuing a graduate level program in a professional area. Within the framework of numerous programs in the university, a student can develop, with the assistance of a pre-professional advisor, a major that will accommodate the requirements of the professional school and the interests of the individual student.

It is important that students work closely with an advisor to be sure to complete the classes needed for their degree program at SJSU as well as the prerequisite requirements for their chosen professional school. San José State has designated pre-professional advisors in many departments.

Pre-Arts Administration Advisors
Art Department
Creative Arts Department
Television-Radio-Film-Theatre Department

Pre-Dental Advisors
Biological Sciences Department
Chemistry Department

Pre-Professional Education
College of Education

Pre-Law Advisors
Business Management
Communication Studies Department
Justice Studies Department
Political Science Department

Pre-Medical Advisors
Biological Sciences Department
Chemistry Department

Pre-Optometry Advisors
College of Applied Sciences and Arts
Biological Sciences Department

Pre-Pharmacy Advisors
Biological Sciences Department
Chemistry Department

Pre-Physical Therapy Advisors
Biological Sciences Department
Kinesiology Department
Occupational Therapy Department

Pre-Social Work Advisors
School of Social Work

Pre-Theology Advisors
Comparative Religious Studies Department

Pre-Veterinary Advisors
Biological Sciences Department

Teacher Preparation
Elementary Education Department
Science Education
Secondary Education Department