Admission Requirements - Freshman

1. Earn a high school diploma, or equivalent

Your graduation date must be included in your final transcripts.

2. Complete the required high school courses with grades of "C-" or better (prior to high school graduation date)

All required high school courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to fall admission.

a. History/Social Science

2 years required

Including one year of U.S. History or U.S. history and government.

b. English

4 years required

Composition and literature.

c. Mathematics

3 years required (4 years recommended)

Algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra; or integrated mathematics.

d. Laboratory Science

2 years required (3 years recommended)

One year of biological science and one year of physical science; both with lab.

e. Language other than English

2 years required

Study in the same language.

f. Visual and Performing Arts

1 year required

Select a year-long course from art, theatre/drama, music or dance.

g. Elective

1 year required

Select from the areas a-f (above) or from other approved college prep "A-G" courses.

3. Submit SAT or ACT test scores

Request to have your official scores sent from the testing agency. Listing your scores on your application will not satisfy this deadline. Please note: The SAT/ACT writing portion is not used for admission or placement purposes at SJSU.

4. Meet or exceed the Minimum Eligibility Index (combination of Grade Point Average and official SAT/ACT scores)

Last year's eligibility index thresholds are available at (Please keep in mind the thresholds change each year.)

Grade Point Average

Your official GPA for admission to SJSU may be different than the GPA on your high school transcript. This is because we calculate your high school GPA using your 10th and 11th grade a-g courses when considering you for admission. You can estimate your GPA (including honors, IB and AP courses) using the CSU Grade Point Average Calculator

Minimum Eligibility Index (EI)

To be considered for admission, graduates of California high schools or residents of California, as defined for tuition purposes, must have a minimum eligibility index of 2950 using the redesigned SAT or 694 using the ACT. The minimum eligibility index for nonresidents of California is 3570 using the redesigned SAT or 842 using the ACT. The CSU eligibility index is calculated by using either the SAT or ACT as follows:

SAT (sum of scores in mathematics and critical reading) + (800 x high school grade point average)


(10 x ACT composite score without the writing score) + (200 x high school grade point average)