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The following lists emeritus faculty from San José State University.

Achtenhagen, Stephen H.Business
Acrivos, Juana VivoChemistry Department
Adams, Michael H.Film and Theatre, Department of
Ahlquist, RobertaEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Aitken, Donald W.Environmental Studies, Department of
Allan, William G.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Allen, Harry E.Justice Studies Department
Alperin, Roger C.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Amemiya, Eiji C.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Amiras, Mira Z.Humanities Department
Andersen, David W.Geology Department
Andersen, Milton L.Psychology Department
Anderson, Edward P.Computer Engineering
Anderson, M. FrankPhysics and Astronomy Department
Anderson, Robert N.Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
Anderson, Rodney E.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Andriese, Paul C.Biological Sciences Department
Anthrop, Donald AEnvironmental Studies, Department of
Araya, Agustin A.Computer Science Department
Archibeque, Charlene P.Music and Dance, School of
Asher, James J.Psychology Department
Asquith, David G.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Austin-Lett, GenelleCommunication Studies Department
Avila, JohnComputer Science Department
Bainbridge, RobertEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Baird, John W.Business
Bakke, Celia
Baldwin, CeciliaJournalism and Mass Communications
Balgooyen, Thomas G.Biological Sciences Department
Ballard, Ralph C.Biological Sciences Department
Banister, John R.English and Comparative Literature
Barba, Robertta H.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Barela, AlbertArt and Art History Department
Barnes, JudithCommunication Studies Department
Barnes, Virginia C.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Barnett, Alan W.Humanities Department
Baroody-Hart, CynthiaJustice Studies Department
Barriga, JorgeCivil and Environmental Engineering Department
Bates, SethTechnology
Battenberg, JohnArt and Art History Department
Beard, JeanScience Education Program
Becker, Joanne RossiMathematics and Statistics Department
Becker, Joseph F.Physics and Astronomy Department
Beckett, Alvin C.Business
Beeson, MichaelComputer Science Department
Beggs, James J.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Belanger, Sandra
Bell, Charles W.Biological Sciences Department
Belo, Panfilo S.Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Bender, HarryPsychology Department
Benedict, Ted W.Communication Studies Department
Bentel, DwightJournalism and Mass Communications
Benton, Fletcher C.Art and Art History Department
Berger, Florie
Bernardini, Eugene J.Humanities Department
Bernhardt, JohnHistory Department
Betten, Paul H.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Bienenfeld, SheilaPsychology Department
Billik, MartinMathematics and Statistics Department
Birnbach, MartinPolitical Science Department
Blecki, CatherineEnglish and Comparative Literature
Bloomer, Iris L.Physics and Astronomy Department
Blythe, William R.Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Boekema, CarelPhysics and Astronomy Department
Bohn, Ralph C.
Boll, MichaelHistory Department
Bond, DavidEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Boothby, JohnBiological Sciences Department
Bornstein, Robert D.Meteorology and Climate Science Department
Borovski, ConradWorld Languages and Literatures
Boschken, Herman L.Business
Boss, Morton A.Art and Art History Department
Bossard, Earl G.Urban and Regional Planning Department
Boudreau, Joseph A.History Department
Bower, FayNursing, School of
Bowman, Mary O.Kinesiology Department
Boyacigiller, NakiyeBusiness
Bozovic, NatasaMathematics and Statistics Department
Bradshaw, C. KennethMathematics and Statistics Department
Brainard, H. LoisEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Braley, Loy S.Psychology Department
Brannen, Mary YokoBusiness
Brickner, William H.Business
Bristow, LeonardMathematics and Statistics Department
Brock, JarrettPhilosophy Department
Broenkow, William W.Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Brooke, John P.Geology Department
Brooks, Francis D.Education - Special Education, Department of
Brooks, Joyce H.
Bros-Seeman, ShannonBiological Sciences Department
Brown, Dennis E.Journalism and Mass Communications
Brown, Paul D.Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management
Bryant, James E.Kinesiology Department
Buell, Cathy M.Kinesiology Department
Buerger, DanielEnglish and Comparative Literature
Bullock, CharlesPublic Health and Recreation Department
Bunzel, John H.Political Science Department
Burak, Marshall J.Business
Burke, Michael E.Computer Science Department
Burkom, Selma R.American Studies Program
Burton, Gordon UOccupational Therapy Department
Butler, Katharine G.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Buzanski, Peter M.History Department
Byas, VincentWorld Languages and Literatures
Cabeceiras, JamesEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Cailliet, Gregor M.Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Campbell, Earl C.Political Science Department
Campbell, TerryArt and Art History Department
Canario, John W.English and Comparative Literature
Capano, Richard W.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Cara, ElizabethOccupational Therapy Department
Carleton, NancyKinesiology Department
Carlson, StevenArt and Art History Department
Carranza, ElihuCommunication Studies Department
Carroll, Mary E.Political Science Department
Carter, Alice A.Design Department
Carter, Charles C.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Carter, DavidPhysics and Astronomy Department
Casey, James N.Art and Art History Department
Cassarino, SebastianWorld Languages and Literatures
Castro, Albert JosephChemistry Department
Castro, GeorgeChemistry Department
Cate, SandraAnthropology Department
Centanni, Angelo C.Art and Art History Department
Chai, Hi DongElectrical Engineering Department
Chaldecott, DennisEnglish and Comparative Literature
Chamberlain, Marica R.Art and Art History Department
Chang, DavisBusiness
Chang, Ji-MeiEducation - Special Education, Department of
Chaplin, Jack W.Art and Art History Department
Charlotte, LuPublic Health and Recreation Department
Chen, RayElectrical Engineering Department
Cheng, DorisEconomics Department
Chi, MarilynEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Chiao, Sun H.Electrical Engineering Department
Chiarito, Robert M.Art and Art History Department
Chin, EdwinBiological Sciences Department
Christensen, Carol L.Kinesiology Department
Christensen, Terry L.Political Science Department
Chu, Betty Y.Economics Department
Clark, Helen I.Kinesiology Department
Clarke, Robert B.Psychology Department
Clothier, Robert F.Mechanical Engineering Department
Coale, Kenneth H.Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Coates, F. DelbertArt and Art History Department
Cochern, George W.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Cody, Arthur B.Philosophy Department
Cohen, IsaacBusiness
Cohen, JayneNursing, School of
Cohen, Kathleen R.Art and Art History Department
Coleman, Robert R.Art and Art History Department
Collins, GloriaEnglish and Comparative Literature
Conniff, MichaelHistory Department
Connolly, PhyllisNursing, School of
Conry, Barbara J.Kinesiology Department
Cook, Christiane G.World Languages and Literatures
Cook, Curtis W.Business
Cook, SDPhilosophy Department
Cooper, Nancy M.English and Comparative Literature
Cooper, RobertPsychology Department
Coover, Robert
Corcoran, Gertrude B.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Cornford, DanielHistory Department
Costouros, George J.Business
Cowden, Robert H.Music and Dance, School of
Cox, BonitaEnglish and Comparative Literature
Cox, Martha H.English and Comparative Literature
Crafford, Walter L.Business
Craig, Herbert RushCommunication Studies Department
Cramer, Richard S.History Department
Crane, John K.English and Comparative Literature
Creely, Robert S.Geology Department
Cross, Sharyl N.Political Science Department
Crowe, Edith
Cullen, RobertEnglish and Comparative Literature
Culley, James K.Film and Theatre, Department of
Cummings, Ralph R.Undergraduate Studies
Curry, Cherie M.Music and Dance, School of
Dale, Richard S.Business
Dalis-Loinaz, IreneMusic and Dance, School of
Danopoulos, ConstantinePolitical Science Department
Daoud, AdnanSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Darby, Clara RuthHospitality, Tourism, and Event Management
Darland, Edwin H.Art and Art History Department
David, DebraPublic Health and Recreation Department
Davies Samway, KatharineEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Davis, ArticeElectrical Engineering Department
Davis, Philip E.Philosophy Department
Day, Jane M.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Delevoryas, John B.Music and Dance, School of
Desautel, Richard D.Aerospace Engineering Department
DeVincenzi, WilliamBusiness
Diasio-Serrett, KarenOccupational Therapy Department
Dickerson, MaryEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Dieppa, IsmaelSchool of Social Work
Dietiker, Simone RenaudWorld Languages and Literatures
Dietz, ElizabethNursing, School of
Doerr, Helen E.Kinesiology Department
Doi, StevenSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Don, Patricia LopesHistory Department
Donnelly, WilliamBusiness
Donoho, David C.Art and Art History Department
Donoho, Miriam GBusiness
Donovan, Robert J.
Dorosti, JavadGeneral Engineering
Dorosz, Leon C.Biological Sciences Department
Douglas, John
Dowd, Douglas F.Economics Department
Dresser, RocioEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Drobot, VladimirComputer Science Department
Duda, RichardElectrical Engineering Department
Dusel, WilliamEnglish and Comparative Literature
Eagan, Thomas E.Music and Dance, School of
Earle, James R.Film and Theatre, Department of
Eastman, LuciusPhilosophy Department
Edfelt, Ralph B.Business
Egger, Norman L.Psychology Department
Eichhorn, IrmaHistory Department
Einarsson, Alfred W.Physics and Astronomy Department
El-Shaieb, Abdel M.Business
Ellefsen, Richard A.Geography
Elliott, David H.Communication Studies Department
Elmore, Dana T.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Elsner, ThomasArt and Art History Department
Engell, John
Engelmann, LarryHistory Department
Enyeart, Francis
Epstein, Irene M.Journalism and Mass Communications
Escobar, Dolores A.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Espinosa, Leonard J.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Estabrook, ReedArt and Art History Department
Evans, GailUndergraduate Studies
Eyler, Roberta K.Occupational Therapy Department
Fallon, MichaelSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Faus, Warren W.Art and Art History Department
Federici, MarioWorld Languages and Literatures
Feinstein, AmielMathematics and Statistics Department
Felton, Norborn M.Biological Sciences Department
Ferguson, William E.Biological Sciences Department
Fimbel, NancieBusiness
Fimbres, Manuel FSchool of Social Work
Fischl, Louis J.Business
Fisher, WilliamInformation School
Fitting, Marjorie A.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Fjelstad, KarenAnthropology Department
Folsom, Roger NilsEconomics Department
Forrest, Kathryn S.
Foster, Leslie V.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Foster, Michael S.Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Foster, Robert J.Biological Sciences Department
Fountain, AnneWorld Languages and Literatures
Fowler, Kenneth A.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Fowler, Robert G.Biological Sciences Department
Fox, Robert A.Psychology Department
Freeman, James J.Electrical Engineering Department
Freeman, James M.Anthropology Department
Freeman, Paul J.Physics and Astronomy Department
French, Stephen W.Art and Art History Department
Freund, Louis E.Industrial and Systems Engineering
Friebel, Allen C.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Frost, Eleanor M.Kinesiology Department
Fruin, W. MarkBusiness
Fullerton, Gail P.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Furst, DavidKinesiology Department
Gabrielsen, Bernard L.Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Garcia, FelixChicana and Chicano Studies Department
Garcia, JulioTechnology
Garcia, M. RupertArt and Art History Department
Garman, MinaMusic and Dance, School of
Garnel, DonaldEconomics Department
Gasich, DushanBusiness
Gaugler, WilliamArt and Art History Department
George, WilliamMusic and Dance, School of
Gerstman, B. BurtPublic Health and Recreation Department
Gerston, Larry N.Political Science Department
Gillett, PaulaHumanities Department
Girard, Marston A.Public Health and Recreation Department
Glancy, MaureenHospitality, Tourism, and Event Management
Gliner, RobertSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Glines, Daniel E.Kinesiology Department
Goldman, AaronHistory Department
Goldworth, AmnonPhilosophy Department
Gonzales, IreneNursing, School of
Gonzalez, Rodolfo A.Economics Department
Goodman, JindraMeteorology and Climate Science Department
Goodwin, Dwight L.Psychology Department
Goodwin-Guerrero, ErinArt and Art History Department
Gordon, Robert C.English and Comparative Literature
Gorenberg, BobbyeNursing, School of
Gorney-Moreno, Mary JoNursing, School of
Gotliffe, Harvey L.Journalism and Mass Communications
Granner, JohnDesign Department
Grant, GeorgeEnglish and Comparative Literature
Gray, LillianEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Greb, Gordon B.Journalism and Mass Communications
Greene, H. GaryMoss Landing Marine Laboratories
Greene, HerbertMoss Landing Marine Laboratories
Greene, Stephen L. W.Journalism and Mass Communications
Greer, Douglas F.Economics Department
Greer, EdisonMathematics and Statistics Department
Grilione, PatriciaBiological Sciences Department
Guerin, Gilbert R.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Gulland, Frances E.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Gustafson, Donna J.World Languages and Literatures
Gustafson, William F.Kinesiology Department
Guth, Hans P.English and Comparative Literature
Haas, Peter J.Political Science Department
Habal, EstellaSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Haeger, Jack H.English and Comparative Literature
Hafter, RuthInformation School
Hagemann, JanetJustice Studies Department
Hahn, ElaineNursing, School of
Hahn, Richard JuliusBiological Sciences Department
Haight, Roger DBiological Sciences Department
Hamann, EloiseMathematics and Statistics Department
Hamill, Patrick J.Physics and Astronomy Department
Hamilton, RolandWorld Languages and Literatures
Hanley, James M.Business
Hanna, WilliamEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Harada, Higo H.Music and Dance, School of
Harden, DeborahGeology Department
Harmon, Robert B.
Harper, Charles P.Business
Harper, JamesBusiness
Harper, VictoriaEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Harris, Cobie KwasiPolitical Science Department
Harris, Edward C.Music and Dance, School of
Hassur, Robert L.Biological Sciences Department
Hatch, David PorterArt and Art History Department
Haws, Carol AnneFilm and Theatre, Department of
Haycock, KenInformation School
Hayland, Theresa
Hazard, Benjamin HarrisonHistory Department
Hazarian, Parnik B.Art and Art History Department
Head, W. DonaldEnglish and Comparative Literature
Heckbert, Albert I.Electrical Engineering Department
Hegstrom, TimothyCommunication Studies Department
Heisch, AllisonEnglish and Comparative Literature
Heisinger, H. BrentMusic and Dance, School of
Helgren, David M.Geography
Helmbold, LoisSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Hendricks, Lawrence JosephBiological Sciences Department
Hendrickson, Embert J.History Department
Henkels-Luntz, BonnieUniversity Counseling Services
Henze, RosemaryLinguistics and Language Development Department
Herrold, RebeccaMusic and Dance, School of
Hester, Joseph A.Anthropology Department
Hibshoosh, AharonBusiness
Hines, AliceSchool of Social Work
Hohmann, Hanns J.Communication Studies Department
Holland, Jack HenryBusiness
Holley, DanielBiological Sciences Department
Hollingsworth, SandraEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Holmes, Brian W.Physics and Astronomy Department
Holmstrom, FredPhysics and Astronomy Department
Holscher, LouisChicana and Chicano Studies Department
Homuth, Donald E.Music and Dance, School of
Hopkinson, Shirley LoisInformation School
Horton, CleoraNursing, School of
Hostettler, John D.Chemistry Department
Huang, John Y.Electrical Engineering Department
Huebner, ThomLinguistics and Language Development Department
Hufton, DeliaWorld Languages and Literatures
Hunter, John H.Art and Art History Department
Hutchins, Gloria L.Kinesiology Department
Hyde, Robert J.Biological Sciences Department
Hylton, Carroll G.Communication Studies Department
Hymas, ScottEnglish and Comparative Literature
Ibrahim, Azmy I.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Ingraham, Richard L.Biological Sciences Department
Jacobson, MargaretNursing, School of
Janes, Clair W.Business
Janke, Leslie H.Information School
Jankovich, J. LeslieBusiness
Jenkins, Robert F.Film and Theatre, Department of
Jennings, Michael B.Computer Engineering
Jensen, BeverlyEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Jensen, BillieHistory Department
Jerke, IrisHistory Department
Jerrell, S. LeeBusiness
Jeskalian, Barbara Jean
Jesson, Richard R.Music and Dance, School of
Jiang, William YuyingBusiness
Johnsgard, Keith W.Psychology Department
Johnson, Clifford R.
Johnson, William B.
Johnston, JanetJustice Studies Department
Jones, CurtisElectrical Engineering Department
Jones, Lincoln D.Electrical Engineering Department
Jordan, KevinPsychology Department
Jurmain, Robert D.Anthropology Department
Kahn, Ph.D., DavidFilm and Theatre, Department of
Kajiwara, Sandra
Kallenbach, William W.
Kallis, M. JefferyBusiness
Kalnins, Stefa S.
Kao, ArthurArt and Art History Department
Karjala, Yoko IshigakiSchool of Social Work
Karlinsky, Stewart S.Business
Kaschak, EllynPsychology Department
Katz, MichaelEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Keady, Richard E.Humanities Department
Keefe, CarolNursing, School of
Keeler, Kathleen F.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Keesey, Donald E.English and Comparative Literature
Keiser, Norman F.Economics Department
Kelley, Leon A.Chemistry Department
Kellman, RaymondChemistry Department
Kellum, Kenneth R.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Kelly, John S.Psychology Department
Kemp, Jerrold E.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Kenk, Vida C.Biological Sciences Department
Keserich, CharlesHistory Department
Kibler, RuthannBiological Sciences Department
Kilby, Richard W.Psychology Department
Killingsworth, Amy E.Occupational Therapy Department
Kim, ChungsoonChild and Adolescent Development, Department of
Kim, KichungEnglish and Comparative Literature
King, Peter HenryHumanities Department
Kirchherr, Walter W.Computer Science Department
Klingberg, Susan
Koenig, Inge RabesChemistry Department
Koestenbaum, PeterPhilosophy Department
Konishi, Walter K.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Kowalewski-Ward, JulieUniversity Library
Kramer, Kenneth P.Humanities Department
Krovetz, Martin L.Education - Educational Leadership, Department of
Kumamoto, Robert D.History Department
Kumaravadivelu, B.Linguistics and Language Development Department
Kurzweil, Jack H.Electrical Engineering Department
Kutilek, Michael J.Biological Sciences Department
Kwan, StephenBusiness
Lam, LuiPhysics and Astronomy Department
Lamendella, John T.Linguistics and Language Development Department
Lane, Clayton W.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Langdon, Henriette W.Child and Adolescent Development, Department of
Larsen, Charles N.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Laurie, Edward J.Business
Lawrence, AnneBusiness
Lawrence, Clyde E.Journalism and Mass Communications
Layton, ThomasAnthropology Department
Leach, Elsie A.English and Comparative Literature
Lease, Gus C.Music and Dance, School of
Lee, Marvin E.Economics Department
Lee, Sin-MinComputer Science Department
Lee, WenshuCommunication Studies Department
Lees, Jean EldridgePublic Health and Recreation Department
Leonard, Barbara G.
Leonard, Charlene M.History Department
Leonard, Thomas E.Aviation
Lessow-Hurley, JudithEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Lester, Peter F.Meteorology and Climate Science Department
Leung, Kai-CheongWorld Languages and Literatures
Levine, LindaPublic Health and Recreation Department
Lewis, Edward R.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Lewis, IreneNursing, School of
Liba, Marie R.Kinesiology Department
Lima, James A.Electrical Engineering Department
Lindberg, Lois H.Biological Sciences Department
Lindholm-Leary, Kathryn J.Child and Adolescent Development, Department of
Lindquist, Edith L.Kinesiology Department
Lindstrom, RizpahNursing, School of
Liu, MengxiongUniversity Library
Liu, Susana
Llorens, Lela AOccupational Therapy Department
Loomba, Rajinder PalComputer Engineering
Lopossa, Barbara D.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Louden, KennethComputer Science Department
Loventhal, Milton
Lowenberg, PeterLinguistics and Language Development Department
Lu, Nancy C.Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Ludlum, Charles D.English and Comparative Literature
Lull, JamesCommunication Studies Department
Lynch, DivinaUniversity Library
MacDonald, AnnetteMusic and Dance, School of
MacKay, Kenneth P.Meteorology and Climate Science Department
Mackay, La Mar S.Journalism and Mass Communications
MacRae, AnneOccupational Therapy Department
Male, Marilyn
Mann, Eleanor P.Occupational Therapy Department
Manning, Robert H.Music and Dance, School of
Manning, William ChavezChicana and Chicano Studies Department
Margolin, Cynthia RaePsychology Department
Markowitz, NancyEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Marks, John L.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Martin, Harris I.History Department
Martinelli, KathleenJournalism and Mass Communications
Master, PeterLinguistics and Language Development Department
Masters, Gary W.Music and Dance, School of
Mathews, FredMusic and Dance, School of
Matson, John O.Biological Sciences Department
May, Anthony P.Art and Art History Department
Mayer, Ludwig A.Chemistry Department
McBeath, Ron J.
McCann, FrankFilm and Theatre, Department of
McClory, SusanMathematics and Statistics Department
McCraw, William T.Political Science Department
McDermand, Robert
McGlynn, Yvonne M.Business
McIntyre, Michael P.Geography
McKinnon, TamaraNursing, School of
McNeil, DavidHistory Department
McNiesh, SusanNursing, School of
McPherson, Walter J.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
McProud, Lucy M.Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Medinnus, Gene R.Psychology Department
Meierotto, Patrick C.Music and Dance, School of
Melendy, Howard BrettHistory Department
Menendez, JuliusKinesiology Department
Menges, Howard EugeneKinesiology Department
Merdinger, JoanSchool of Social Work
Meredith, William R.Music and Dance, School of
Merrick, HelenWorld Languages and Literatures
Meserve, Harry
Messick, RosemaryEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Meyers, Susan J.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Migocki, E. DavidEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Miller, TerryNursing, School of
Mills, ErieMusic and Dance, School of
Milone, Vincent M.Urban and Regional Planning Department
Mings, Turley R.Economics Department
Moore, George E.History Department
Moore, Robert JamesArt and Art History Department
Morejohn, G. VictorBiological Sciences Department
Mori, Joseph E.Business
Moriarty, EugeneUrban and Regional Planning Department
Moriarty, GeneElectrical Engineering Department
Morris, HedleyMathematics and Statistics Department
Morse, C. Ralph
Moshchetti, ThomasBusiness
Mostafavi, MasoudElectrical Engineering Department
Mousley, Woodrow V.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Moustakas, EvangelosElectrical Engineering Department
Mowbray, Albert G.Physics and Astronomy Department
Mueller, Karl J.Psychology Department
Muhly, Louis B.Urban and Regional Planning Department
Mukhopadhyay, Carol ChapnickAnthropology Department
Mumby, H. HughKinesiology Department
Murany, AnneOccupational Therapy Department
Murphy, Henry D.Biological Sciences Department
Murphy, SusanNursing, School of
Murray, Denise E.Linguistics and Language Development Department
Musci, Emilie C.Nursing, School of
Muzzy, Roger S.Music and Dance, School of
Myatt, Rodney G.Biological Sciences Department
Nance, William D.Business
Neidleman, Leon D.Business
Nelson, Mildred
Neptune, John A.Chemistry Department
Newnan, Donald G.Industrial and Systems Engineering
Nichols, Patricia C.Linguistics and Language Development Department
Noble, Lela GarnerPolitical Science Department
Norell, Irene P.Information School
Norton, Theodore M.Political Science Department
Norwood, ScottBusiness
Nuger, KennethPolitical Science Department
Nunn, Geoffrey E.Economics Department
Nybakken, James W.Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
O'Donnell, F. PatriciaMathematics and Statistics Department
O'Flynn, MichaelElectrical Engineering Department
Obaid, Evelyn E.Computer Science Department
Ochoa, MariaSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Oestreich, Herbert H.Business
Ohala, ManjariLinguistics and Language Development Department
Okerlund, Arlene NaylorEnglish and Comparative Literature
Olcott, MarianinaHumanities Department
Olliges, SandraKinesiology Department
Onishi, AikoMusic and Dance, School of
Orona, CeliaSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Ostheimer, AnnArt and Art History Department
Otten, Charles MichaelSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Panagopoulos, BeataHumanities Department
Pann, FrancisWorld Languages and Literatures
Parker, Joan M.University Library
Parker, Weldon R.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Parkman, RalphChemical and Materials Engineering Department
Parks, Richard D.Film and Theatre, Department of
Parsons, SharonEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Parsons, VirgilNursing, School of
Parvin, KiumarsPhysics and Astronomy Department
Paul, Charles B.Humanities Department
Paul, HUniversity Library
Paul, Jeff
Payne, GregKinesiology Department
Pedretti, Lorraine A.Occupational Therapy Department
Pellegrini, Robert J.Psychology Department
Pendleton, BrianPsychology Department
Penn, William S.Business
Pepper, RobertEnglish and Comparative Literature
Perales, Daniel P.Public Health and Recreation Department
Pereyra-Suarez, EstherWorld Languages and Literatures
Perone, Sam P.Chemistry Department
Perry, Miriam S.Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Perry, RichardJustice Studies Department
Persky, PhillipEnglish and Comparative Literature
Peruzzi, DuilioGeography
Petersen, ErikMusic and Dance, School of
Peterson, Christina
Peterson, Louis J.Public Health and Recreation Department
Peterson, Nils T.English and Comparative Literature
Phillips, Veril L.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Pimentel, RayWorld Languages and Literatures
Pinto, Edwin I.Business
Pitts, Wanna D.Biological Sciences Department
Pizzo, Patrick P.Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
Poindexter, Elizabeth M.Film and Theatre, Department of
Pollock, JohnEnglish and Comparative Literature
Pontau, Donna
Post, RichardMathematics and Statistics Department
Powers, Harry E.Art and Art History Department
Pratley, James NicholasBiological Sciences Department
Preston, Gerald C.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Probasco, Preston DeanBusiness
Prochaska, FredSchool of Social Work
Pruitt, RobertMathematics and Statistics Department
Quadros, Orpha M.School of Social Work
Radde, BruceArt and Art History Department
Radelfinger, Sam F.Public Health and Recreation Department
Ramonda, Robert J.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Rasmus, WardEducation - Special Education, Department of
Ray, CarolSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Read, Robert G.Meteorology and Climate Science Department
Reckmeyer, William J.Education - Ed.D. Educational Leadership
Redfern, Bernice I.
Reeds, DonamarieFilm and Theatre, Department of
Reeve, Mary M.Nursing, School of
Reis, NoniEducation - Educational Leadership, Department of
Reischl, PeterElectrical Engineering Department
Replogle, Lanny L.Chemistry Department
Rew, LoisEnglish and Comparative Literature
Reynolds, E. BruceHistory Department
Reynolds, Judith
Reza, AliBusiness
Rhoades, John L.Science Education Program
Richards, Marion K.English and Comparative Literature
Richardson, HaroldPsychology Department
Richardson, Samuel M.Art and Art History Department
Richman, EugeneBusiness
Rico, Gabriele L.English and Comparative Literature
Rigter, Alston H.Public Health and Recreation Department
Roberg, Roy R.Justice Studies Department
Robinson, Henry W.Biological Sciences Department
Robinson, MarianEnglish and Comparative Literature
Rodriguez, LoriNursing, School of
Rogers, John M.Business
Rohrbaugh, David P.Music and Dance, School of
Rojas, AliciaEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Romig, Robert P.Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
Ross, Helen S.Public Health and Recreation Department
Rothblatt, Donald N.Urban and Regional Planning Department
Rowntree, Lester BEnvironmental Studies, Department of
Rudavsky, Alexander BohdanCivil and Environmental Engineering Department
Rustigan, Michael A.Justice Studies Department
Ryan, Patrick J.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Samway, KatharineEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Sanders, CharlesDesign Department
Sanderson, RobertBusiness
Sapiens, AlexanderEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Sasseen, Robert F.Political Science Department
Savage, WayneBiological Sciences Department
Saylor, ColeenNursing, School of
Schellenger, H. KentPolitical Science Department
Schmeichel, Edward F.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Schmidt, C. JamesInformation School
Schoonhoven, C. KayeBusiness
Schultz, Thomas G.Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Schutz, Fred C.English and Comparative Literature
Schwartz, Kathleen BarkerOccupational Therapy Department
Schwarz, David E.Geography
Scofield, AliceEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Sedlock, Richard L.Geology Department
Selter, Gerald A.Chemistry Department
Seltzer, LenorePsychology Department
Seto, William W.Mechanical Engineering Department
Shafer, Dwight T.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Sharp, PamelaArt and Art History Department
Shaw, William H.Philosophy Department
Shephard, Glenn GBusiness
Shreve, GeraldAviation
Shrewsbury, MarvinPublic Health and Recreation Department
Siegele, Dorothy M.Nursing, School of
Sigler, Maria del CarmenWorld Languages and Literatures
Silber, Herbert B.Chemistry Department
Sills, William H.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Simons, Edgar S.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Simpson, Christine
Simpson, FrienchEnglish and Comparative Literature
Singh, AvtarElectrical Engineering Department
Singh, RameshwarCivil and Environmental Engineering Department
Sinn, Donald F.Public Health and Recreation Department
Sinton, Douglas M.Meteorology and Climate Science Department
Sisson, Lorene
Slayton, Joel A.Design Department
Smallwood, Maria N.African American Studies Department
Smith, ElvedaNutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Smith, Jeffrey D.Computer Science Department
Smith, JerryBiological Sciences Department
Smith, LonnaEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Smolensky, JackPublic Health and Recreation Department
Snell, Jacqueline S.Business
Snowbarger, MarvinEconomics Department
Sorensen, W. WayneMusic and Dance, School of
Southam, MartiOccupational Therapy Department
Spalding, Norma V.Education - Special Education, Department of
Spaulding, RobertEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Speck, MarshaEducation - Educational Leadership, Department of
Sperling, John G.Humanities Department
Spicher, Robert G.Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Sprague, JoCommunication Studies Department
Spring, William B.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Sproule, MichaelCommunication Studies Department
Spurgeon, Dolores FreitasJournalism and Mass Communications
SreeHarsha, K.S.Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
St. Omer, LucyBiological Sciences Department
Stadler, MaePublic Health and Recreation Department
Staiger, PaulArt and Art History Department
Stecker, RonaldBiological Sciences Department
Steele, James R.Psychology Department
Steele, William C.Geography
Steinberg, JillPsychology Department
Stephenson, Leslie E.Art and Art History Department
Stern, FrederickMathematics and Statistics Department
Stevens, Calvin H.Geology Department
Stevens, DelphineNursing, School of
Stevens, Helen PerishNursing, School of
Stewart, Maynard DixonArt and Art History Department
Still, Jean R.Occupational Therapy Department
Strandburg, DonaldPhysics and Astronomy Department
Strasilla, Udo J.Electrical Engineering Department
Stringham, EdwardEconomics Department
Strong, AnnaMathematics and Statistics Department
Stuenkel, DianeNursing, School of
Stull, James B.Business
Stump, Arthur D.Chemistry Department
Sturges, PhyllisSchool of Social Work
Sucher, Kathryn P.Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Swann, Howard S.G.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Sweet, RobertEnglish and Comparative Literature
Swigart, E. RobisonEnglish and Comparative Literature
Sylvia, Ronald D.Political Science Department
Szabo, Robert E.Music and Dance, School of
Taketa, RichardGeography
Takizawa, Bill H.Geography
Taylor, Brian D.Art and Art History Department
Tessier, JudithInformation School
Thames, Terri
Thomas, Jerry L.Business
Thompson, Martha A.Nursing, School of
Thorne, G. Kathleen
Thoro, DmitriMathematics and Statistics Department
Thurston, JacquelineArt and Art History Department
Tidwell, William LeeBiological Sciences Department
Tiedeman, M. RuthPsychology Department
Tiedt, Sidney W.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Tieszen, Richard L.Philosophy Department
Todd, Joan A.History Department
Toepfer, Ph.D., Karl E.Film and Theatre, Department of
Tomley, LesliePhysics and Astronomy Department
Tootell, GeoffreySociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Triandafyllides, Alexander P.Business
Trudeau, DanielleWorld Languages and Literatures
Tsai, Keui-WuCivil and Environmental Engineering Department
Turley, Gerald W.
Turner, MarleneBusiness
Tutko, Thomas A.Psychology Department
Uhlik, KimHospitality, Tourism, and Event Management
Underdal, StanleyHistory Department
Underwood, ConsueloArt and Art History Department
Unwin, ErnestIndustrial and Systems Engineering
Vahey, Terry
Valdes, Linda B.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Van Alten, LloydChemistry Department
Van Arsdale, Gordon D.Art and Art History Department
Van Becker, DavidEnglish and Comparative Literature
Van Swoll, Janet MMusic and Dance, School of
Venuti, William J.Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Villa, JoseSchool of Social Work
Villagran, GilbertSchool of Social Work
Virden, Randy J.Public Health and Recreation Department
Voth, Alden H.Political Science Department
Vroom, Gerald A.Athletics (Intercollegiate)
Wagers, Robert E.Information School
Wagner, JohnElectrical Engineering Department
Walker, Dan B.Biological Sciences Department
Walker, EthelCreative Arts Program
Walker, J. MalcolmBusiness
Wall, Kathleen
Walsh, James P.History Department
Walsh, LindaArt and Art History Department
Walter, LetaKinesiology Department
Walter, Lowell M.
Walters, Donald E.History Department
Walton, Lee A.Kinesiology Department
Wander, PhillipCommunication Studies Department
Wang, Jen-YuMeteorology and Climate Science Department
Wang, Ji ChingMechanical Engineering Department
Wang, Pe ShengBusiness
Warhurst, Margaret D.Education - Teacher Education, Department of
Wassenaar, Dirk JanBusiness
Watanabe, Ronald S.Chemistry Department
Waterhouse, Joseph B.Philosophy Department
Watkins, Thayer H.Economics Department
Watson, James E.Political Science Department
Weddington, Donald D.Mathematics and Statistics Department
Weddington, GloriaEducation - Communicative Disorders and Sciences, Department of
Weed, Frederic A.Political Science Department
Weedman, JudithInformation School
West, Donald M.Chemistry Department
West, JoelBusiness
Whaley, George L.Business
Whitaker, MurraySociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Whitcomb, CharlesPublic Health and Recreation Department
White, Job BentonHumanities Department
White, Steven J.Biological Sciences Department
Whiting, LaahNutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Whitlatch, Jo BellInformation School
Whitlock, Richard E.Public Health and Recreation Department
Whittaker, AndreaEducation - Teacher Education, Department of
Wilcox, Dennis L.Journalism and Mass Communications
Wilkinson, SusanKinesiology Department
Williams, Gareth T.Physics and Astronomy Department
Williams, John W.Geology Department
Willis, James F.Economics Department
Wilson, Farrar M.Art and Art History Department
Wilson, Robert H.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Winton, Chester A.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Wintterle, John F.History Department
Witte, L. FaeKinesiology Department
Witte, RobertPsychology Department
Wong, Yen LuFilm and Theatre, Department of
Wood, William BlissInformation School
Woolls, BlancheInformation School
Wyman, Daniel N.Music and Dance, School of
Wyman, MarilynHumanities Department
Yaffee, Ruth I.Chemistry Department
Yang, Charlotte
Yengoyan, Leon S.Chemistry Department
Yoder, MarianNursing, School of
Young, Allen H.Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
Young, CarleneAfrican American Studies Department
Young, KatherineNutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
Zachary, William B.Business
Zapata, CeliaWorld Languages and Literatures
Zaretsky, KathleenAnthropology Department
Zargar, Ali
Zes, Tikey A.Music and Dance, School of
Zoroofchi, JavadElectrical Engineering Department
Zsutty, Theodore C.Civil and Environmental Engineering Department