Urban and Regional Planning Department

Minor - Urban Studies

The minor in Urban Studies is a professionally oriented program designed to: 1) familiarize students with the social, economic, political and physical aspects of the major urban issues of our time; and 2) introduce students to basic professional skills and strategies used to improve our urban environment.

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Requirements of the Minor14
Required Courses7
URBP 101. The CityS3
URBP 136. Intro to Land Use and Urban Planning4
Minor Electives4
Complete four units from:
URBP 120. Intro to Housing Economics and Policy4
URBP 133. Introduction to Social Issues in Planning4
URBP 142. Introduction to Environmental Planning4
URBP 143. Intro Private Development and Planning3
URBP 148. Intro Spatial Vis Tech in Urb Plan1-4
URBP 151. Introduction to Urban Design4
URBP 152. Introduction to Urban Design Studio4
URBP 156. Introduction to Local Transportation Planning4
URBP 160. Topics in Environmental Planning4
URBP 175. Urban Studies Topics1-4
URBP 178. Intro to Regional Transport Planning4
URBP 179A. Fundamentals of GIS for Urban Planning4
URBP 179B. Advanced GIS for Urban Planning4
URBP 185. Environmental Impact Analysis4
Other courses may be substituted with permission of advisor
Additional Electives3
Complete one course from:
AFAM 145. Urban Policy and Its Impact on Inner City Residents4
ANTH 125. Urban Anthropology3
ANTH 132. Creating Built Worlds3
ARTH 163. Twentieth Century Urban Design3
CE 121. Transportation Engineering3
ECON 166. Urban Economics4
ENVS 010. Life on a Changing PlanetB23
ENVS 124. Introduction to Environmental Law3
ENVS 187. Environmental Restoration4
GEOG 105. Urban Geography3
POLS 103. Local Government and Politics4
STAT 095. Elementary StatisticsB43
SOCI 161. City Life3
Other courses may be substituted with permission of advisor

Total Units:14