Urban and Regional Planning Department

Urban Planning

URBP 092: Int'l Program Studies
URBP 101: The City
URBP 102: Introductory Community Planning and Development Studio
URBP 103: Local Government and Politics
URBP 107: Introduction to Real Estate Development Business and Planning
URBP 110: Urbanization in the Global South
URBP 120: Intro to Housing Economics and Policy
URBP 123: Intro to Historic Preservation Planning
URBP 125: Urban Anthropology
URBP 132: Creating Built Worlds
URBP 133: Introduction to Social Issues in Planning
URBP 136: Intro to Land Use and Urban Planning
URBP 142: Introduction to Environmental Planning
URBP 143: Intro Private Development and Planning
URBP 145: Urban Policy and Its Impact on Inner City Residents
URBP 148: Intro Spatial Vis Tech in Urb Plan
URBP 150: Introduction to Municipal Finance
URBP 151: Introduction to Urban Design
URBP 152: Introduction to Urban Design Studio
URBP 156: Introduction to Local Transportation Planning
URBP 160: Topics in Environmental Planning
URBP 163: Twentieth Century Urban Design
URBP 169: Introduction to Social Media in Planning
URBP 175: Urban Studies Topics
URBP 178: Intro to Regional Transport Planning
URBP 179A: Fundamentals of GIS for Urban Planning
URBP 179B: Advanced GIS for Urban Planning
URBP 180: Individual Studies
URBP 184: Directed Reading
URBP 185: Environmental Impact Analysis
URBP 190: Advanced Environmental Impact Assessment
URBP 200: Seminar on Urban and Regional Planning
URBP 201: Community Assessment
URBP 203: Collaborative Neighborhood Planning
URBP 204: Quantitative Methods
URBP 205: Private Development and Urban Planning
URBP 206: Market Analysis, Appraisal, & Finance of Real Estate Development
URBP 207: Real Estate Development Business and Planning
URBP 208: Urban Real Estate Development Studio
URBP 211: Regional Analysis and Planning
URBP 214: Introduction to Public Management
URBP 220: Economic Analysis for Urban Planning
URBP 223: Housing Economics and Policy
URBP 225: Land Use Planning and Law
URBP 226: Regional Transportation Planning
URBP 228: Urban Community Development
URBP 231: Urban Design in Planning
URBP 232: Urban Design Studio
URBP 233: Social Issues in Planning
URBP 234: Field Study Seminar
URBP 236: Urban and Regional Planning Policy Analysis: Tools and Methods
URBP 240: Environmental Planning
URBP 241: Planning Sustainable Cities
URBP 242: Historic Preservation Planning
URBP 248: Spatial Visualization Tech in Urb Plan
URBP 250: Urban Planning Public Finance
URBP 255: Urban and Regional Growth Management
URBP 256: Sustainable Transportation Planning
URBP 260: Environmental Planning Topics
URBP 275: Urban Planning Topics
URBP 275G: Geographic Information Systems Overview: Urban Planning Applications
URBP 276: Social Media in Planning
URBP 278: Introduction to GIS for Urban Planning
URBP 279: Advanced GIS for Urban Planning
URBP 280: Planning Research Topics
URBP 297P: Planning Report Preliminary Proposal
URBP 298A: Special Study: Planning Report Development
URBP 298B: Special Study: Planning Report Completion