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BS - Industrial Technology, Concentration in Manufacturing Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Manufacturing Systems is designed to prepare students for technical and management careers in business and industry. Manufacturing Systems prepares you for a career in manufacturing design and management with a special focus on green operations and sustainable manufacturing. You will gain knowledge, skills, and practical experiences in innovative manufacturing processes and management, green product design, computer integrated manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing practices, robotics and control systems, and computer aided manufacturing.

This dynamic and expanding field applies computer design tools and other advanced technologies to the solving of problems in manufacturing systems, computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). A new, strong emphasis on green design practices and sustainable operations will add to your basic and advanced industrial manufacturing design knowledge. Graduates of the BSIT in Manufacturing Systems will be able to:

1. Use skills in the planning, design, and implementation of sustainable manufacturing processes.

2. Implement Green Design solutions to industrial and consumer product design challenges.

3. Use understanding of the product life cycle and the management of product manufacturing to direct sustainable operations in industry and business.

4. Design and plan sustainable and green industrial facilities in conformance with LEEDS and other environmental standards.

5. Select and operate computer numerical control and other machines for the production of consumer and commercial products.

6. Use knowledge of the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of current and evolving manufacturing techniques including laser machining, electrical discharge machining, water jet and abrasive water jet machining, and rapid prototyping in modern production systems.

7. Select, analyze and use polymers, composites and other materials in the design of manufactured products.

8. Apply the theory and methods of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), including the computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) interface to industrial problems and settings.

9. Use the principles of production scheduling and planning in the management of the industrial environment.

10. Use robots and mechatronics for sustainable operations in a modern CIM environment.

11. Apply the latest methods for materials and production management including Just-in-Time (JIT), Materials Resource Planning (MRP), and Lean Manufacturing.

12. Integrate green design, sustainable manufacturing, and recyclable/reusable materials into the design and development of new products.

13. Apply the principles of Lean Manufacturing to manufacturing and soft systems.

14. Apply OSHA and NIOSH principles to facilities design and management.

Course Requirements

General Education Requirements27
Of the 51 units required by the university, 24 units may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Consult major advisor for details.
American Institutions(6)
Of the 6 units required by the university, all may be satisfied within general education requirements as specified in the schedule of classes.
Physical Education0
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement(3)
At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. For additional information on the WST, please see Exceptions to the GWAR may be found at
Preparation for the Major20
CHEM 001A. General ChemistryB1+B35
PHYS 002A. Fundamentals of PhysicsB1+B34
PHYS 002B. Fundamentals of PhysicsB1+B34
You may substitute PHYS 050 and PHYS 051 (8 units) for PHYS 002A and PHYS 002B.
MATH 071. Calculus for Business and AviationB43
You may substitute MATH 030P (5 units) or MATH 030 (3 units) for MATH 071.
ECON 001B. Principles of Economics: MicroeconomicsD14
Major Requirements56
Additional requirement for graduation: To qualify for a baccalaureate degree in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Computer Electronics and Network Technology, students must earn a grade of "C-" or better in each major and preparation course for credit toward the major.
CMPE 030. Programming Concepts and Methodology3
TECH 031. Quality Assurance and Control3
TECH 060. Introduction to Electronics3
TECH 065. Networking Theory and Application3
TECH 115. Automation and Control3
TECH 145. Lean Manufacturing3
TECH 190. Senior Seminar in Technology3
TECH 198. Technology and CivilizationV3
ENGR 100W. Engineering ReportsZ+R3
Manufacturing Systems Concentration21
TECH 020. Design and Graphics2
TECH 025. Introduction to Materials Technology3
TECH 041. Machine Shop Safety1
TECH 045. Sustainable Facilities Design & Planning3
TECH 046. Machine Operation and Management3
TECH 140. Green & Sustainable Product Design3
TECH 147. Green Manufacturing Analysis & Management3
TECH 149. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems3
Technical Electives7
Complete seven units from any advisor approved upper division TECH or ENGR courses
Minor in Business Management (Required for this major)15
BUS2 090. Business Statistics3
BUS3 142. Total Quality Management3
BUS3 186. Professional and Business EthicsS3
Complete one course from:
BUS3 141. Materials Management3
BUS3 144. Supply Chain Management3
Complete one course from:
BUS3 140. Fundamentals of Operations Management3
BUS3 145. Global Operations Management3

Total Units:120