Television, Radio, Film and Theatre, Department of


RTVF 010: The Art of Film
RTVF 020: Introduction to Sound Production
RTVF 021: KSJS On-Air Operations
RTVF 030: Introduction to Film/TV Production
RTVF 031: Film and Television Aesthetics
RTVF 080: Introduction to Electronic Media
RTVF 082: Introduction to Film History
RTVF 110: Electronic Media and Culture
RTVF 111: Alternative Cinema
RTVF 120: Intermediate Sound Production
RTVF 121: KSJS-FM Radio Activity
RTVF 122: KSJS Station Operation & Mgmt
RTVF 130: Intermediate Film & TV Production
RTVF 131A: Post Production: Color Correction
RTVF 131B: Post Production & Delivery
RTVF 132A: Introduction to Cinematography
RTVF 132B: Advanced Cinematography
RTVF 133: Film & TV Production Management
RTVF 135: RTVF Production: Special Projects
RTVF 136: Advanced Film & TV Production
RTVF 160: Introduction to Screenwriting
RTVF 161: Advanced Screenwriting
RTVF 180S: Individual Studies
RTVF 181: Modern Film History
RTVF 183: Critical Studies & Research in RTVF
RTVF 185: Special Topics in RTVF
RTVF 198: RTVF Internships, Portfolio, Career Prep
RTVF 199H: Honors Program

Theatre Arts

TA 005: Acting
TA 010: Theatre Appreciation
TA 011: Script Analysis
TA 013: Great Comedies for Theatre
TA 015: Voice and Diction
TA 017: Intermediate Acting
TA 048: Voice & Movement for the Actor
TA 051A: Scenery and Props for the Performing Arts
TA 051B: Costume for the Performing Arts
TA 051C: Stage Management for the Performing Arts
TA 064: Make-up for Performing Arts
TA 091: Introduction to Tech Theatre Activity
TA 100W: Writing Workshop: Theatre Arts
TA 103: Musical Theatre
TA 110: Advanced Acting
TA 112: Rehearsal and Performance
TA 113: Acting Techniques and Professional Career Preparation
TA 116: Directing
TA 117: Practice in Acting or Directing
TA 120: Theatre History
TA 121: Topics in Performance History
TA 127: Contemporary Theatre
TA 128: Scriptwriting
TA 129: Advanced Scriptwriting
TA 130: Broadcast Performance and Spoken Word
TA 131: Storytelling
TA 144: Shakespeare I
TA 145: Shakespeare and Performance
TA 148: The Art of Movement
TA 151: Lighting for Performing Arts
TA 152A: English Drama to 1642
TA 152B: English Drama from 1660
TA 153: Costume for Performing Arts
TA 154: Scenery for Performing Arts
TA 161: Theatre Design Topics
TA 167: Theatre in Education
TA 168: Arts Management
TA 170A: Acting and Directing for the Camera
TA 170B: Advanced Acting and Directing for the Camera
TA 172: The Arts in U.S. Society
TA 173: Thinking About Contemporary World Arts
TA 180: Individual Studies
TA 191: Activity Projects in Theatre Production
TA 198: Internship
TA 199H: Honors Program
TA 200: Graduate Research in Theatre Arts
TA 201: Theoretical Perspectives in the Performing Arts
TA 220: Seminar in Performance Cultures
TA 221: Seminar in History of the Performing Arts
TA 225: Seminar in Shakespeare
TA 226: Seminar in Tragedy
TA 231R: Performing Presentational Aesthetics
TA 241: Seminar in Dance of the Twentieth Century
TA 242: Seminar in Performance Audiences
TA 260: Graduate Problems in Theatre Arts
TA 270: Seminar in Radio-Television or Film
TA 275: Graduate Scriptwriting Seminar
TA 298: Special Study
TA 299: Master's Thesis