Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department

Asian American Studies

AAS 020: Women of Color in the US
AAS 025: The Changing Majority: Power and Ethnicity in America
AAS 033A: Asian Americans in U.S. History I
AAS 033B: Asian Americans in U.S. History II
AAS 125: Filipino Experience in the United States
AAS 133: Introduction to Social Issues in Planning
AAS 145: Urban Policy and Its Impact on Inner City Residents
AAS 170: Special Topics in Asian American Studies
AAS 175: Asian American Communities
AAS 180: Individual Studies
AAS 185: Multicultural Perspectives within American Society
AAS 186: The Vietnamese Experience in America
AAS 190: Internship
AAS 192: History of Japanese Americans


SOCI 001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 015: Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences
SOCI 057: Community Involvement and Personal Growth
SOCI 080: Social Problems
SOCI 100W: Writing Workshop
SOCI 101: Social Theory
SOCI 102: Introduction to Statistics
SOCI 103: SPSS Computer Analysis
SOCI 104: Quantitative Research Methods
SOCI 104B: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
SOCI 105: Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 105B: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 116: Global Society
SOCI 118: Sociology of Human Rights and Social Justice
SOCI 120: Contemporary Social Issues
SOCI 122: Women in the Second Half of Life
SOCI 127: Community-Based Participatory Research
SOCI 140: Sociology of Media
SOCI 141: Environmental Sociology
SOCI 142: Critical Native American Studies
SOCI 143: Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Education
SOCI 144: Education for Liberation
SOCI 145: Community Mental Health
SOCI 146: Work, Power, and Leisure
SOCI 147: Education and Global Justice
SOCI 148: Current Topics and Trends in Education
SOCI 151: Violence in the Family
SOCI 154: Sociology and Non-Conforming Behavior
SOCI 160: Immigration and Identity
SOCI 161: City Life
SOCI 162: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 163: Social Change
SOCI 164: Social Action
SOCI 165: Poverty, Wealth and Privilege
SOCI 166: Medical Sociology
SOCI 169: Political Sociology
SOCI 170: Sociology of Family
SOCI 171: Person and Society
SOCI 172: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Studies
SOCI 173: Socialization and Identity
SOCI 174: Sexualities
SOCI 175: Sociology of Masculinities and Femininities
SOCI 176: Sociology of Everyday Life
SOCI 177: Sociology of Education
SOCI 178: Sociology of Childhood
SOCI 179: Sociology of Higher Education
SOCI 180: Individual Studies
SOCI 181: Service Internship
SOCI 181B: Sociology Career Capstone
SOCI 193: Behavioral Science in Practice
SOCI 199H: Senior Honors Thesis
SOCI 200: Sociological Practice
SOCI 201: Graduate Sociological Theory
SOCI 204: Quantitative Data Analysis
SOCI 205: Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 216: Seminar in Global Topics
SOCI 223: Seminar in Sociological Issues
SOCI 254: Seminar in Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 262: Seminar in Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 263: Seminar in Social Change
SOCI 270: Seminar in Sociology of Family
SOCI 275: Seminar in Gender Issues
SOCI 281: Internship in Sociology
SOCI 298: Special Study
SOCI 299: Master's Thesis or Project
SOCI 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision

Women's Studies

WOMS 005Q: Gender, Race & Sexuality in Media
WOMS 010: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WOMS 020: Women of Color in the US
WOMS 101: Sex, Power, and Politics
WOMS 102: The Global Study of Women
WOMS 107: Psychology of Women
WOMS 112: Women in the Global Economy
WOMS 114: Politics of Mothering and Reproduction
WOMS 120: Special Topics in Women's Studies
WOMS 121: Philosophy and Feminism
WOMS 122: Women in the Second Half of Life
WOMS 131: Gender, Sexuality, and Religion
WOMS 156: Black Women Writers: Race, Culture and Resistance
WOMS 160: Queering Gender, Race, and Class
WOMS 169: Sexualities and the Body
WOMS 175: Sociology of Masculinities and Femininities
WOMS 180: Individual Studies
WOMS 182: Women in Literature
WOMS 189: Islamic Perspectives on Gender
WOMS 190: Internship