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Psychology Department

Minor - Human Systems Integration

The Human Systems Integration (HSI) minor: (1) studies the cognitive, perceptual, and performance capabilities and limitations of people as they interact with sociotechnical systems and devices (e.g., energy and transportation systems, computers, mobile devices, workplaces); and (2) seeks to apply evidence-based principles in the development of human-centered systems and devices. The HSI minor aims to provide students with interdisciplinary training to prepare to them to work in cross-functional teams to optimize human capabilities, increase system efficiency, reliability, and safety, and minimize error.

At least 12 units outside of preparation for the minor must be separate and distinct from the units used for the major program of the student. See a departmental advisor for approval of courses. Visit the Psychology Department Advising website for more information.

It is permissible for Psychology Majors to have a minor in Human Systems Integration.

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Preparation for the Minor6
PSYC 001. Introduction to PsychologyD13
Complete one course from:
HS 067. Introductory Health StatisticsB43
SOCI 015. Statistical Applications in the Social SciencesB43
STAT 095. Elementary StatisticsB43
UNVS 015S. Statway Part B: Statistics-Concepts & MethodsB43
BUS2 090. Business Statistics3
Required Courses9
PSYC 173. Human Factors3
Complete two course from:
PSYC 135. Cognition3
PSYC 155. Human Learning3
PSYC 158. Perception3
Minor Electives6-8
Complete at least two courses from:
ART 108. Introduction to Game Studies3
AVIA 002. Private Pilot Ground3
AVIA 073. Air Traffic Control3
AVIA 141. Human Factors in the Aviation Environment3
BUS2 130. Introduction to Marketing3
BUS4 092. Introduction to Business Programming3
BUS4 111. Networking and Data Communications3
CS 046A. Introduction to Programming4
CS 046B. Introduction to Data Structures4
DSID 121. Industrial Design Process3
ENGR 120. Programming Concepts for Behavioral and Social Science Applications3
ISE 164. Computer and Human Interaction3
ISE 114. Safety Engineering3
PSYC 170. Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
STAT 115. Intermediate Statistics3

Total Units:21-23