Psychology Department


The Department of Psychology seeks to develop skilled critical thinkers who use their knowledge of the principles of human behavior, cognition, and emotion to work and live effectively and fully in a multicultural global society. Our curriculum covers the major areas in the field of psychology to help students understand the complexities of human thought and behavior in a sociocultural context. In addition, the Department provides students with training in research methods, statistics, and scientific writing. Psychology students have opportunities to gain practical experience by working with our faculty in research labs, community outreach projects, Silicon Valley companies, and so on. The Department offers a BA and BS in Psychology, a minor in Human Systems Integration and a minor in Psychology, an MA in Research and Experimental Psychology, an MS in Clinical Psychology, and an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Detailed information about our faculty, students, and programs may be found on our website at

Psychology Honors Program

Students requesting departmental honors in psychology will be evaluated against the following criteria: (1) a minimum aggregate GPA of 3.5 across all psychology course work; (2) completion of PSYC 117, PSYC 120, PSYC 121(A, B, C or E), STAT 95, and STAT 115 with a GPA of at least 3.5; and (3) evidence of distinguished scholarly work, as indicated by the completion of a BA thesis (PSYC 199), the honors seminar (PSYC 195), or work leading to a published paper or presentation at a professional meeting. Contact the department office for details.