Political Science Department

Minor - Applied Research Methods

The interdisciplinary Minor in Applied Research Methods (ARM) is designed to prepare students for careers involving social research and data analysis. The ARM Minor provides students with a broad understanding of research methods, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches and techniques such as surveys, experiments, interviews, focus groups, ethnography, and content analysis. Students in the ARM Minor will learn to apply these research skills to socially relevant issues, combining theoretical background with hands-on skills practice. The ARM Minor provides an ideal complement to the programs of students from a variety of social sciences, business, and applied sciences and arts disciplines.

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Preparation for the Minor3
Introductory Statistics3
Complete one course from:
STAT 095. Elementary StatisticsB43
HS 067. Introductory Health StatisticsB43
JS 015. Introductory Statistics in Justice StudiesB43
SOCI 015. Statistical Applications in the Social SciencesB43
UNVS 015S. Statway Part B: Statistics-Concepts & MethodsB43
UNVS 015S Prerequisite: UNVS15F with grade of C- or better or concurrent enrollment in UNVS1015W
Or other introductory statistics course approved by Minor Coordinator
Requirements of the Minor12-16
Intermediate Statistics3-4
Complete one course from:
ECON 103. Intro to Econometrics4
MATH 161A. Applied Probability and Statistics I3
STAT 115. Intermediate Statistics3
Quantitative Methods3-4
Complete one course from:
COMM 155I. Quantitative Communication Inquiry4
ECON 108. Cost-Benefit Analysis4
JS 114. Research Methods in Justice Studies3
MATH 161B. Applied Probability and Statistics II3
POLS 100M. Political Inquiry4
PSYC 117. Psychological Tests and Measures3
SOCI 104. Quantitative Research Methods3
Qualitative Methods3-4
Complete one course from:
ANTH 149. Ethnographic Methods3
COMM 156I. Observation and Interviewing Methods4
COMM 111P. Interviewing4
COMM 121P. Performance as Practice4
COMM 150I. Inquiry in Organizational Communication4
COMM 151I. New Media/New Methods4
GEOG 135. Qualitative Methods in Geographical Research3
JS 117. Qualitative Research Methods3
SOCI 105. Qualitative Research Methods3
Applied Research Methods Electives3-4
Complete one course from:
ANTH 105. Applied Anthropology3
ENVS 110. Resource Analysis4
GEOG 170. Introduction to Mapping and Geographic Information Systems3
ORGS 102. Organizations, Inquiry & Analysis4
POLS 195. Applied Research Methods4

Total Units:12-16