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Political Science Department

BA - Political Science

The BA - Political Science provides students with an understanding of politics and the political process and prepares them for their lifelong responsibilities as citizens, as well as furthering their skills in critical analysis and communication. The major in political science may lead to a wide variety of careers, including teaching, the law, business and public service.

Course Requirements

General Education Requirements39
Of the 51 units required by the university, 12 units may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Consult major advisor for details.
American Institutions(6)
Of the 6 units required by the university, all may be satisfied within general education requirements as specified in the schedule of classes.
Physical Education2
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement(3)
At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. For additional information on the WST, please see Exceptions to the GWAR may be found at
Requirement of the Major45
Lower Division Core Courses12
POLS 001. American Government3
POLS 002. Introduction to Comparative PoliticsD23
POLS 003. Introduction to Political ThoughtC23
POLS 004. Introduction to International RelationsD33
Upper Division Core Courses15
POLS 100W. Writing WorkshopZ3
Additional Upper Division Core Courses12
Complete 12 units from the following. One course from each of the four fields is required.
U.S. Government and Politics3
Complete one course from:
POLS 102. State Government and Politics3
POLS 103. Local Government and Politics3
POLS 105. The Legislative Process3
POLS 106. The United States Presidency3
POLS 107. Politics and Public Opinion3
POLS 108. Political Participation3
POLS 114. Introduction to Public Administration3
POLS 122. Judicial Politics3
POLS 130. Making Public Policy3
Comparative Politics3
Complete one course from:
POLS 140. European Union3
POLS 141. Eurasian Politics3
POLS 142. African Politics3
POLS 144. Middle Eastern Politics3
POLS 145. Asian Politics3
POLS 146. Latin American Politics3
POLS 147. Globalization3
POLS 148. Nationalism and Comparative Political Cultures3
POLS 149. Comparative Public Policy and Administration3
International Relations3
Complete one course from:
POLS 152A. International Organizations and NGOs3
POLS 154. U.S. Foreign Policy: Formulation and Administration3
POLS 155. International Political Economy3
Political Thought3
Complete one course from:
POLS 160A. Classical Political Thought3
POLS 160B. Modern Political Thought3
POLS 160C. Recent Political Thought3
POLS 163. American Political Thought3
Additional Upper Division Courses18
Upper Division Electives12
Four additional upper division courses from POLS 102-199.3
Political Inquiry3
POLS 195A. Political Inquiry3
Capstone Course3
POLS 190. Senior Seminar3
University Electives34
Students may choose Political Science or other electives.

Total Units:120