Physics and Astronomy Department


ASTR 010: Descriptive Astronomy
ASTR 101: Modern Astronomy
ASTR 102: Astronomy Lab
ASTR 117A: Astrophysics I
ASTR 117B: Astrophysics II
ASTR 155: Topics in Modern Astrophysics


PHYS 001: Elementary Physics
PHYS 001L: Elementary Physics Lab
PHYS 002A: Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS 002AW: Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS 002B: Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS 020: Invitation to Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 023: Animation Physics
PHYS 040: Introduction to Computational Physics
PHYS 049: Introduction to Physics
PHYS 050: General Physics/Mechanics
PHYS 050W: General Physics/Mechanics Workshop
PHYS 051: General Physics/Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 052: General Physics/Waves, Light, Heat
PHYS 100W: Methods of research and communication in physics
PHYS 105A: Advanced Mechanics I
PHYS 105B: Advanced Mechanics II
PHYS 107: Waves and Oscillations
PHYS 110A: Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS 110B: Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 120A: Electronics, Data Acquisition & Analysis
PHYS 120B: Modern and Solid State Physics Lab
PHYS 120C: Advanced Physics Lab: Optics and Lasers
PHYS 121S: Radiation Safety
PHYS 122: Modern Physics
PHYS 126: Introduction to Nuclear Science
PHYS 127: Nuclear Science Lab
PHYS 130: Mathematical Methods in Physics
PHYS 140: Computational Methods in Physics
PHYS 155: Topics in Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 158: Modern Optics
PHYS 160: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PHYS 163: Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 166: Physics of Music
PHYS 168: Lasers
PHYS 175A: Solid State Physics
PHYS 180: Individual Studies
PHYS 184: Directed Reading
PHYS 196B: Physics Education: Theory and Practice
PHYS 205: Advanced Dynamics
PHYS 208: Introduction to Electro-Optics
PHYS 210: Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 220E: Modern Optics Lab
PHYS 230: Methods in Mathematical Physics
PHYS 240: Computational Physics
PHYS 255: Advanced Physics
PHYS 255C: Celestial Mechanics
PHYS 258: Optics
PHYS 260: Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 263A: Quantum Theory
PHYS 268: Laser Spectroscopy
PHYS 275: Solid State Physics
PHYS 277: Magnetism and Superconductivity
PHYS 285: Seminar
PHYS 298: Research
PHYS 299: Master's Thesis
PHYS 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision