Philosophy Department


PHIL 009: Mathematics and Logic for General Education
PHIL 010: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 012: Philosophy of the Person
PHIL 057: Logic and Critical Reasoning
PHIL 061: Moral Issues
PHIL 066: Introduction to Aesthetics
PHIL 070A: Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 070B: Modern Philosophy
PHIL 096L: Math & Logic for GE Workshop
PHIL 104: Asian Philosophy
PHIL 106: Philosophy of Art
PHIL 107: Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 108: Political and Social Philosophy
PHIL 109: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 110: Science, Technology and Human Values
PHIL 111: Medical Ethics
PHIL 112: American Philosophy
PHIL 113: Existentialism and Phenomenology
PHIL 117: Philosophy of Race
PHIL 118: Latin American Philosophy
PHIL 119: Africana Philosophy and Culture
PHIL 120: Comparative Philosophy Theory & Practice
PHIL 121: Philosophy and Feminism
PHIL 122: Social Justice
PHIL 126: Environmental Ethics and Philosophy
PHIL 132: Ethical Theory
PHIL 133: Ethics in Science
PHIL 134: Computers, Ethics and Society
PHIL 149: Metaphysics & Epistemology
PHIL 155: Philosophy of Law
PHIL 157: Intermediate Logic & Language Analysis
PHIL 158: Philosophy of Language
PHIL 159: Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 160: Philosophy of Science
PHIL 180: Individual Studies
PHIL 184: Directed Reading
PHIL 186: Professional and Business Ethics
PHIL 190: Seminar in Philosophical Classics
PHIL 195: Seminar in Philosophy of Law
PHIL 264A: Professional/Business Ethics
PHIL 281: Philosophy of Education
PHIL 290: Advanced Seminar in a Selected Philosopher or Tradition
PHIL 291: Advanced Seminar in Epistemology and Metaphysics
PHIL 292: Advanced Seminar in Ethics or Aesthetics
PHIL 293: Advanced Seminar in Logical Theory
PHIL 298: Special Studies
PHIL 299: Master's Thesis