Occupational Therapy Department

Advanced Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Occupational Therapy

This program is meant to provide the means for occupational therapists to develop, experience, and see the profession of OT through a guiding mindfulness-based practice model and lens. The program provides curricular opportunities in the community of other OTs to build skills for developing all of the senses and abilities one has currently available to be in wise relationship to the occupational paradox of being and doing and explores the value of occupational participation as it relates to meaning and purpose. Developing skillful and steadfast mindful self-care and compassion in the midst of our complex work as OTs is a primary focus of this training program. From this embodied experience of the mindfulness-based lens the program will provide guidance and mentorship for appropriately integrating mindfulness into one's clinical work.

Course Requirements

Requirements of the Certificate11
Certificate Prerequisites
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course 8-week (9-10 session [2.5 to 3 hours per week] with All-Day Retreat Session) and Proof of license as a healthcare professional from any accredited institution.4. Participation in a 1-day MBOT Certificate Program Orientation / Information /Introductory Session which may be offered in person or online by the MBOT program instructors.
Required Courses11
OCTH 205. Mindfulness of Self in Occupational Therapy Practice & Daily Life2
OCTH 207. Mindfulness and Quality of Participation in Daily Occupations2
OCTH 209. MBOT Intensive Training Retreat2
OCTH 223. Compassionate Care for Self and Others in Occupational Therapy Practice2
OCTH 225. Capstone Evidence-Based MBOT Practice Project3

Total Units:11