Nuclear Science Program


The Nuclear Science Facility of San José State University is the unique focus of all related teaching and research activity on campus.

Undergraduate students have an opportunity to work in the facility as part of their general education classes in chemistry and physics. Students majoring in chemistry, physics, and biology come to the facility for some of their classes or for undergraduate research projects. The Department of Physics offers its major with a concentration in Nuclear Science. Consult the department listings for degree requirements and course descriptions.

SJSU also offers MS degrees in Chemistry and Physics. The course of study could emphasize nuclear chemistry or nuclear physics depending on the student's particular interest. Consult the chemistry or physics listings respectively for degree requirements and course descriptions.


The university's Nuclear Science Facility is a unique physical plant specifically designed and built for classroom, laboratory and research work in nuclear science and technology. The Nuclear Science Facility is a freestanding 10,000 square foot, three-story building contiguous to the university's other science and classroom facilities. It is comprised of a briefing room, administrative and faculty offices, four undergraduate wet labs, two undergraduate counting rooms, five graduate wet labs, a high activity storage room, plant and animal experiment rooms, a waste water collection and sampling system, an ambient air sampling system and storerooms. The facility is staffed full-time by a director, an office manager, senior technologists and a radiation safety officer.

The reference library within the facility is comprised of approximately 300 volumes of standard science reference works and texts covering basic and advanced nuclear physics science and technology, radiobiology, health physics and standards and procedures. This collection supplements the university library, comprised of 900,000 volumes and more than 2,100 science and engineering periodicals.


Research in the Nuclear Science Facility is sponsored through grants from DOE, NASA, NSF, and others. Most research is done in collaboration with other universities and national laboratories.