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Music and Dance

BA - Music

This is a flexible program of general studies with minimum performance requirements that allows students to combine studies in music with other fields of interest. An entrance audition is required. All students must complete the core classes and then select electives from at least three categories, in consultation with the Music Advisor, and directed toward a specific Capstone. Ensemble participation is a co-requisite of applied lessons at all times.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is designed for the student who seeks a liberal arts education with a major in music. The degree can be tailored to each student. A senior project is required. A grade of C- or better is required in all music courses.

Course Requirements

General Education Requirements45
Of the 51 units required by the university, 6 units may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Consult major advisor for details.
American Institutions(6)
Of the 6 units required by the university, all may be satisfied within general education requirements as specified in the schedule of classes.
Physical Education2
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement(3)
At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. For additional information on the WST, please see Exceptions to the GWAR may be found at
Requirement of the Major50
Core Courses32
Lower Division20
MUSC 001A. Music Systems IA2
MUSC 001B. Music Systems IB1
MUSC 002A. Music Systems IIA2
MUSC 002B. Music Systems IIB1
MUSC 003A. Music Systems IIIA2
MUSC 009. Music Fundamentals3
MUSC 012. Medieval and Renaissance Music3
MUSC 013. Music Technology1
MUSC 019. Music in World CulturesC13
MUSC 025A. Piano Proficiency I1
MUSC 025B. Piano Proficiency II1
Upper Division Courses12
MUSC 110. Baroque and Classical Music History3
MUSC 111. Romantic and Modern Music History3
MUSC 120. Worlds of JazzS3
Complete one course from:
MUSC 148A. Improvisational Traditions of the World - Africa and Diaspora2
MUSC 148B. Improvisational Traditions of the World - Asia2
MUSC 182. Senior Project1
Additional Courses in Music18
Take 18 units from at least two of the following categories. Five units must be upper division. Select courses in consultation with an advisor directed towards one of the capstone projects described below. All students must complete the capstone project under MUSC 182, listed above. Please see advisor for information on a Music Technology specialization (note: specializations are a cluster of courses used as an advising tool for departments, it will not appear on transcript or diploma.)
Theory, Arranging and Composition0
MUSC 003B. Music Systems IIIB1
MUSC 004A. Music Systems IVA2
MUSC 004B. Music Systems IVB1
MUSC 102. Orchestration3
MUSC 103. Form and Analysis3
MUSC 104. Counterpoint3
MUSC 106. Jazz Theory and Arranging3
MUSC 109. Film Scoring Techniques3
History and Literature0
MUSC 112. Historical Periods in Western Music3
MUSC 116. Aspects of Twentieth Century Music3
MUSC 117. Music and Culture in Latin AmericaV3
MUSC 142. REP: Art Song Repertoire1
MUSC 144. REP: Solo Lit., Performance, Pedagogy1
MUSC 145. REP: Performance Concepts1-3
MUSC 181. Concert Listening II1
2 units maximum of MUSC 181
MUSC 147A. Beginning Conducting2
MUSC 147B. Advanced Conducting: Instrumental2
MUSC 147C. Advanced Conducting: Choral2
MUSC 040A. Jazz Improvisation - I2
MUSC 140B. Jazz Improvisation-II2
MUSC 140C. Jazz Improvisation-III2
Music Technology0
Please see advisor for information on a Music Technology specialization. Students with a Music Technology specialization must complete a minor in Computer Science, Business or Marketing
Beginning Methods and Techniques0
MUSC 025C. Piano Proficiency III1
MUSC 026A. Voice Fundamentals1
MUSC 041A. Applied Lyric Diction1
MUSC 041B. Applied Lyric Diction1
MUSC 122A. Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental1
MUSC 122B. Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental1
MUSC 123A. Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental1
MUSC 123B. Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental1
MUSC 125D. Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental1
MUSC 127A. Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental1
MUSC 127B. Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental1
Applied Lessons0
By audition and special permission from Director. Maximum of four units.
MUSC 029. Electro-Acoustics1-2
MUSC 030. Piano1-2
MUSC 031. Harpsichord or Organ1-2
MUSC 032. Organ1-2
MUSC 033. Voice1-2
MUSC 034. Strings1-2
MUSC 035. Woodwinds1-2
MUSC 036. Brass1-2
MUSC 036A. Vocal-Instrumental Improvisation1
MUSC 037. Percussion1-2
MUSC 038A. Composition/Arranging - Improvised Music1
MUSC 129. Electro-Acoustics1-2
MUSC 130. Piano1-2
MUSC 131. Harpsichord1-2
MUSC 132. Organ1-2
MUSC 133. Voice1-2
MUSC 134. Strings1-2
MUSC 135. Woodwinds1-2
MUSC 136. Brass1-2
MUSC 136A. Vocal-Instrumental Improvisation1
MUSC 137. Percussion1-2
MUSC 138A. Composition/Arranging - Improvised Music1
Chamber Music0
Maximum of two units can be counted towards major
MUSC 060A. ENS: Choraliers1
MUSC 060D. ENS: Collegium Musicum1
MUSC 060F. ENS: Small Jazz Ensembles1
MUSC 060H. ENS: Percussion Ensemble1
MUSC 060J. ENS: String Ensemble1
MUSC 060K. ENS: Brass Ensemble1
MUSC 060L. ENS: Woodwind Ensemble1
MUSC 060M. ENS: Saxophone Ensemble1
MUSC 060O. ENS: Trombone Ensemble1
MUSC 160A. ENS: Choraliers1
MUSC 160D. ENS: Collegium Musicum1
MUSC 160F. ENS: Small Jazz Ensembles1
MUSC 160H. ENS: Percussion Ensemble1
MUSC 160J. ENS: String Ensemble1
MUSC 160K. ENS: Brass Ensemble1
MUSC 160L. Woodwind Ensemble1
MUSC 160M. ENS: Saxophone Ensemble1
MUSC 160O. Trombone Ensemble1
Maximum of four units. Ensembles required as co-requisite for those receiving applied lessons.
MUSC 050A. ENS: Concert Choir1
MUSC 051. ENS: University Chorales1
MUSC 053. ENS: University Symphony Orchestra1
MUSC 054. ENS: Symphonic Band1
MUSC 057. ENS: Jazz Orchestra1
MUSC 059. ENS: Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble1
MUSC 060F. ENS: Small Jazz Ensembles1
MUSC 150A. ENS: Concert Choir1
MUSC 153. ENS: Unviersity Symphony Orchestra1
MUSC 154. ENS: Symphonic Band1
MUSC 157. ENS: Jazz Orchestra1
MUSC 159. ENS: Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble1
MUSC 160F. ENS: Small Jazz Ensembles1
MUSC 160T. Wind Ensemble1
Capstone Project0
One of the following: undergraduate thesis, lecture/demonstration, or an appropriate project approved by the Director and area coordinator. All students must complete MUSC 182 (see Upper Division).
University Electives or Minor23
All university electives must be taken outside of music.

Total Units:120