Music and Dance


DANC 010: Dance Appreciation
DANC 012: Ensemble Dance Rehearsal and Performance
DANC 040A: Topics in Modern Dance I
DANC 040B: Topics in Modern Dance II
DANC 041A: Topics in Ballet I
DANC 041B: Topics in Ballet II
DANC 042A: Topics in Jazz Dance I
DANC 042B: Topics in Jazz Dance II
DANC 043: Dance Improvisation
DANC 044: Line/Country Western Dance
DANC 045A: Beginning Lindy Hop and Night Club Swing
DANC 046A: Beginning Social Dance
DANC 046B: Intermediate Social Dance
DANC 048A: Beginning Latin Dance
DANC 048B: Intermediate Latin Dance
DANC 049A: Topics in Tap Dance I
DANC 049B: Topics in Tap Dance II
DANC 051A: Dance Production
DANC 051B: Topics in Dance Crewing
DANC 053: Techniques in World Dance
DANC 075: Rhythmic Fundamentals for the Dance
DANC 102: Dance in World Cultures
DANC 112: ENS: Dance Rehearsal and Performance
DANC 140A: Topics in Modern Dance III
DANC 140B: Topics in Modern Dance IV
DANC 141A: Topics in Ballet III
DANC 141B: Topics in Ballet IV
DANC 142A: Topics in Jazz Dance III
DANC 142B: Topics in Jazz Dance IV
DANC 144A: Dance History and Repertory
DANC 144B: Dance History and Repertory
DANC 145A: Choreography I
DANC 145B: Choreography II
DANC 145C: Choreography III
DANC 147A: Dance Seminar
DANC 147B: Senior Portfolio
DANC 148: Children's Dance
DANC 149C: Tap Dance III
DANC 150A: Kinesiology I
DANC 150B: Kinesiology II
DANC 158: African-Caribbean Dance
DANC 186: Choreographing the Musical
DANC 194: Repertory Dance Activity
DANC 198: Internship in Dance


MUSC 001A: Music Systems IA
MUSC 001B: Music Systems IB
MUSC 002A: Music Systems IIA
MUSC 002B: Music Systems IIB
MUSC 003A: Music Systems IIIA
MUSC 003B: Music Systems IIIB
MUSC 004A: Music Systems IVA
MUSC 004B: Music Systems IVB
MUSC 006: Jazz Theory
MUSC 009: Music Fundamentals
MUSC 010A: Music Appreciation
MUSC 010B: Introduction to Music
MUSC 012: Medieval and Renaissance Music
MUSC 013: Music Technology
MUSC 019: Music in World Cultures
MUSC 025A: Piano Proficiency I
MUSC 025B: Piano Proficiency II
MUSC 025C: Piano Proficiency III
MUSC 026A: Voice Fundamentals
MUSC 027A: Fundamentals of Jazz Keyboard I
MUSC 027B: Fundamentals of Jazz Keyboard II
MUSC 028: Guitar Fundamentals
MUSC 029: Electro-Acoustics
MUSC 029A: Electro-Acoustics 1
MUSC 029B: Electro-Acoustics 2
MUSC 029C: Electro-Acoustics 3
MUSC 029D: Electro-Acoustics 4
MUSC 030: Piano
MUSC 030A: Piano 1
MUSC 030B: Piano 2
MUSC 030C: Piano 3
MUSC 030D: Piano 4
MUSC 031: Harpsichord or Organ
MUSC 031A: Harpsichord or Organ 1
MUSC 031B: Harpsichord or Organ 2
MUSC 031C: Harpsichord or Organ 3
MUSC 031D: Harpsichord or Organ 4
MUSC 033: Voice
MUSC 033A: Voice 1
MUSC 033B: Voice 2
MUSC 033C: Voice 3
MUSC 033D: Voice 4
MUSC 034: Strings
MUSC 034A: Strings 1
MUSC 034B: Strings 2
MUSC 034C: Strings 3
MUSC 034D: Strings 4
MUSC 035: Woodwinds
MUSC 035A: Woodwinds 1
MUSC 035B: Woodwinds 2
MUSC 035C: Woodwinds 3
MUSC 035D: Woodwinds 4
MUSC 036: Brass
MUSC 036B: Brass 1
MUSC 036C: Brass 2
MUSC 036D: Brass 3
MUSC 036E: Brass 4
MUSC 037: Percussion
MUSC 037A: Percussion 1
MUSC 037B: Percussion 2
MUSC 037C: Percussion 3
MUSC 037D: Percussion 4
MUSC 038: Composition
MUSC 038B: Composition 1
MUSC 038C: Composition 2
MUSC 038D: Composition 3
MUSC 038E: Composition 4
MUSC 039A: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 1
MUSC 039B: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 2
MUSC 039C: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 3
MUSC 039D: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition and Arranging 4
MUSC 040A: Jazz Improvisation - I
MUSC 041A: Applied Lyric Diction
MUSC 041B: Applied Lyric Diction
MUSC 050A: ENS: Concert Choir
MUSC 051: ENS: University Chorales
MUSC 052: ENS: Opera Theater
MUSC 053: ENS: University Symphony Orchestra
MUSC 054: ENS: Symphonic Band
MUSC 056: ENS: Spartan Marching Band
MUSC 057: ENS: Jazz Orchestra
MUSC 059: ENS: Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 060A: ENS: Choraliers
MUSC 060B: ENS: Chamber Orchestra
MUSC 060C: ENS: Chamber Music
MUSC 060D: ENS: Collegium Musicum
MUSC 060E: ENS: Jazz Singers
MUSC 060F: ENS: Small Jazz Ensembles
MUSC 060G: ENS: Pep Band
MUSC 060H: ENS: Percussion Ensemble
MUSC 060I: ENS: Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 060J: ENS: String Ensemble
MUSC 060K: ENS: Brass Ensemble
MUSC 060L: ENS: Woodwind Ensemble
MUSC 060M: ENS: Saxophone Ensemble
MUSC 060O: ENS: Trombone Ensemble
MUSC 060T: ENS: Wind Ensemble
MUSC 061: REP: Styles and Interpretation of Opera I
MUSC 062: ENS: Opera Production
MUSC 063: REP:Styles and Interpretation of Opera II
MUSC 081: Concert Listening I
MUSC 100W: Written Communication II
MUSC 102: Orchestration
MUSC 103: Form and Analysis
MUSC 104: Counterpoint
MUSC 106: Jazz Theory and Arranging
MUSC 106A: Jazz Arranging I
MUSC 106B: Jazz Arranging II
MUSC 109: Film Scoring Techniques
MUSC 110: Baroque and Classical Music History
MUSC 111: Romantic and Modern Music History
MUSC 112: Historical Periods in Western Music
MUSC 116: Aspects of Twentieth Century Music
MUSC 117: Music and Culture in Latin America
MUSC 120: Worlds of Jazz
MUSC 121: Music and Religious Experience
MUSC 122A: Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental
MUSC 122B: Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental
MUSC 123A: Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental
MUSC 123B: Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental
MUSC 124: Special Topics in Music History/Literature
MUSC 125D: Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental
MUSC 126: Marching Band Techniques
MUSC 127A: Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental
MUSC 127B: Fundamental Techniques and Literature: Instrumental
MUSC 129: Electro-Acoustics
MUSC 129A: Electro-Acoustics 5
MUSC 129B: Electro-Acoustics 6
MUSC 129C: Electro-Acoustics 7
MUSC 129D: Electro-Acoustics 8
MUSC 130: Piano
MUSC 130A: Piano 5
MUSC 130B: Piano 6
MUSC 130C: Piano 7
MUSC 130D: Piano 8
MUSC 131: Keyboard
MUSC 131A: Harpsichord or Organ 5
MUSC 131B: Harpsichord or Organ 6
MUSC 131C: Harpsichord or Organ 7
MUSC 131D: Harpsichord or Organ 8
MUSC 133: Voice
MUSC 133A: Voice 5
MUSC 133B: Voice 6
MUSC 133C: Voice 7
MUSC 133D: Voice 8
MUSC 134: Strings
MUSC 134A: Strings 5
MUSC 134B: Strings 6
MUSC 134C: Strings 7
MUSC 134D: Strings 8
MUSC 135: Woodwinds
MUSC 135A: Woodwinds 5
MUSC 135B: Woodwinds 6
MUSC 135C: Woodwinds 7
MUSC 135D: Woodwinds 8
MUSC 136: Brass
MUSC 136A: Vocal-Instrumental Improvisation
MUSC 136B: Brass 5
MUSC 136C: Brass 6
MUSC 136D: Brass 7
MUSC 136E: Brass 8
MUSC 137: Percussion
MUSC 137A: Percussion 5
MUSC 137B: Percussion 6
MUSC 137C: Percussion 7
MUSC 137D: Percussion 8
MUSC 138A: Composition/Arranging - Improvised Music
MUSC 138B: Composition 5
MUSC 138C: Composition 6
MUSC 138D: Composition 7
MUSC 138E: Composition 8
MUSC 139: Music Systems/History
MUSC 139A: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 5
MUSC 139B: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 6
MUSC 139C: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 7
MUSC 139D: Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 8
MUSC 140B: Jazz Improvisation-II
MUSC 140C: Jazz Improvisation-III
MUSC 142: REP: Art Song Repertoire
MUSC 143: REP: Collaborative Keyboard Performance
MUSC 144: REP: Solo Lit., Performance, Pedagogy
MUSC 145: REP: Performance Concepts
MUSC 146A: Pedagogy - Piano
MUSC 146B: Pedagogy - Percussion
MUSC 147A: Beginning Conducting
MUSC 147B: Advanced Conducting: Instrumental
MUSC 147C: Advanced Conducting: Choral
MUSC 148A: Improvisational Traditions of the World - Africa and Diaspora
MUSC 148B: Improvisational Traditions of the World - Asia
MUSC 150A: ENS: Concert Choir
MUSC 151: ENS: University Chorales
MUSC 152: ENS: Opera Theater
MUSC 153: ENS: Unviersity Symphony Orchestra
MUSC 154: ENS: Symphonic Band
MUSC 156: ENS: Spartan Marching Band
MUSC 157: ENS: Jazz Orchestra
MUSC 159: ENS: Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 160A: ENS: Choraliers
MUSC 160B: ENS: Chamber Orchestra
MUSC 160C: ENS: Chamber Music
MUSC 160D: ENS: Collegium Musicum
MUSC 160E: ENS: Jazz Singers
MUSC 160F: ENS: Small Jazz Ensembles
MUSC 160G: ENS: Pep Band
MUSC 160H: ENS: Percussion Ensemble
MUSC 160I: ENS: Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 160J: ENS: String Ensemble
MUSC 160K: ENS: Brass Ensemble
MUSC 160L: Woodwind Ensemble
MUSC 160M: ENS: Saxophone Ensemble
MUSC 160O: Trombone Ensemble
MUSC 160T: Wind Ensemble
MUSC 161: REP: Styles and Interpretation of Opera I
MUSC 162: ENS: Opera Production
MUSC 163: REP: Styles and Interpretation of Opera II
MUSC 166: Physics of Music
MUSC 167: Electro-Acoustic Music I
MUSC 168: Electro-Acoustic Music II
MUSC 169: Digital Synthesis
MUSC 170A: Fundamentals of Sound Recording
MUSC 170B: Intermediate Sound Recording
MUSC 170C: Advanced Sound Recording Production
MUSC 172: The Arts in U.S. Society
MUSC 173: Thinking About Contemporary World Arts
MUSC 180: Individual Studies
MUSC 181: Concert Listening II
MUSC 182: Senior Project
MUSC 185A: Music for Children
MUSC 186: Singing for Music Theatre
MUSC 190A: Honors Project
MUSC 190B: Honors Project
MUSC 200: Methods of Music Research & Writing
MUSC 201: Seminar in Music History
MUSC 202: Seminar in Music Systems & Theory
MUSC 203: Seminar in Style & Performance Practices
MUSC 204: Materials for Graduate Music Studies
MUSC 220: Seminar in Advanced Conducting
MUSC 221: Seminar in Jazz History
MUSC 222: Special Topics in Music
MUSC 224: Supervised Graduate Study
MUSC 232: Advanced Field Experience--Pedagogy
MUSC 290R: Thesis/Composition/Project Supervision
MUSC 298: Special Study
MUSC 299: Master's Thesis, Recital or Composition

Music Education

MUED 140: Foundations of Music Education
MUED 142: Introduction to Music Education: Early Field Experience
MUED 170A: Teaching Instrumental Music
MUED 170B: Teaching Choral Music
MUED 175: Practicum in Music Education
MUED 184I: Student Teaching for Music Individualized Interns
MUED 184Y: Student Teaching II - Classroom Teaching
MUED 184Z: Student Teaching III-Classroom Teaching
MUED 221: Foundations of Music Education
MUED 228: Research in Music Education
MUED 232: Directions and Issues in Music Education
MUED 290R: Thesis/Composition/Project Supervision
MUED 370A: Methodology for Music Educators: Elementary K-8
MUED 370B: Methodology for Music Educators: Secondary