Meteorology and Climate Science Department

BS - Meteorology

The BS Meteorology degree program is designed to develop meteorologists who, upon graduation, are ready to begin professional practice in the private sector or in government, or are ready to enter graduate programs in atmospheric science.

This degree program meets certain University Requirements through approved major modifications. Please see the Major Exceptions area in the Policy and Procedures section of this catalog to identify the specific adjustment/s for this degree program or contact your major advisor for more details.

Course Requirements

University Graduation Requirements38
Core Lower Division General Education15
Of the 39 units required by the university, 24 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Courses that meet GE Areas A1, A2, A3 or B4 must be passed with a "C" or better to meet the requirement. Consult with major advisor for details.
Upper Division General Education9
Of the 9 units required by the university, 0 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Consult with major advisor for details.
American Institutions12
Coursework shown below for the 6 units required by the university are double counted within GE. Consult with major advisor for details.
AMS 001A. American CivilizationM46
AMS 001B. American CivilizationM56
Physical Education2
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement0
At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. For additional information on the WST, please see Exceptions to the GWAR may be found at
A minimum grade of "C-" must be attained in all major and preparation courses.
Preparation for the Major27
CHEM 001A. General ChemistryB1+B35
MATH 030. Calculus IB43
MATH 031. Calculus IIB44
MATH 032. Calculus IIIB43
PHYS 050. General Physics/MechanicsB1+B34
PHYS 051. General Physics/Electricity and MagnetismB1+B34
PHYS 052. General Physics/Waves, Light, HeatB1+B34
Requirements of the Major55
Core Courses52
METR 010. Weather and ClimateB13
METR 040. Weather Seminar1
METR 050. Scientific Computing I2
METR 051. Scientific Computing II2
METR 060. Meteorology I3
METR 061. Meteorology II2
METR 100W. Writing Workshop: Meteorological ReportsZ3
METR 121A. Dynamic Meteorology4
METR 121B. Dynamic Meteorology3
METR 123. Advanced Climatology3
METR 125. Physical Meteorology3
METR 136. Empirical Techniques in Meteorology3
METR 155. Remote Sensing3
METR 163. Meteorological Instrumentation3
METR 170A. Weather Briefing1
METR 170B. Weather Briefing1
METR 171A. Synoptic Weather Analysis and Forecasting3
METR 171B. Synoptic Weather Analysis and Forecasting3
METR 172. Mesoscale Meteorology3
METR 179. Topics in Senior Thesis1
Students will take METR 179 (1 unit) twice.
Complete one course from:
METR 130. Boundary Layer Meteorology3
METR 131. Air Pollution Meteorology3
METR 150. Computers in Meteorology III3
METR 160. Tropical Meteorology3
METR 164. Introduction to Fire Weather3
METR 165. Mountain Meteorology3
METR 166. Field Studies in Meteorology3
METR 173. Global Climate Modeling3
METR 174. Climate Change Solutions3
METR 185. Special Topics1-3

Total Units:120