Meteorology and Climate Science Department


METR 010: Weather and Climate
METR 012: Global Warming: Science and Solutions
METR 040: Weather Seminar
METR 050: Scientific Computing I
METR 051: Scientific Computing II
METR 060: Meteorology I
METR 061: Meteorology II
METR 071: Introduction to Climate Science
METR 100W: Writing Workshop: Meteorological Reports
METR 112: Global Climate Changes
METR 113: Atmospheric Pollution
METR 115: Wildfire in the Earth System
METR 120A: Electronics, Data Acquisition & Analysis
METR 121A: Dynamic Meteorology
METR 121B: Dynamic Meteorology
METR 123: Advanced Climatology
METR 125: Physical Meteorology
METR 130: Boundary Layer Meteorology
METR 131: Air Pollution Meteorology
METR 135: The Global Carbon Cycle
METR 136: Empirical Techniques in Meteorology
METR 143C: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
METR 150: Computers in Meteorology III
METR 155: Remote Sensing
METR 160: Tropical Meteorology
METR 163: Meteorological Instrumentation
METR 164: Introduction to Fire Weather
METR 165: Mountain Meteorology
METR 166: Field Studies in Meteorology
METR 168A: Global Climate Change I
METR 168B: Global Climate Change II
METR 170A: Weather Briefing
METR 170B: Weather Briefing
METR 171A: Synoptic Weather Analysis and Forecasting
METR 171B: Synoptic Weather Analysis and Forecasting
METR 172: Mesoscale Meteorology
METR 173: Global Climate Modeling
METR 174: Climate Change Solutions
METR 179: Topics in Senior Thesis
METR 180: Individual Studies
METR 182: Tutor Assistant in Meteorology
METR 185: Special Topics
METR 202: Research Methods in Meteorology
METR 205: Advanced Atmospheric and Climate Dynamics
METR 206: Advanced Synoptic Meteorology
METR 209: Adv Fire Behavior
METR 215: Advanced Physical Meteorology
METR 225: Topics in Advanced Atmosphere Dynamics
METR 240: Numerical Modeling
METR 241: Parameterization in NWP
METR 245: Mesoscale Modeling
METR 245L: Mesoscale Modeling Lab
METR 280: Recent Developments in Meteorology
METR 285: Colloquium
METR 298: Research
METR 299: Master's Thesis or Project