Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering

ME 020: Design and Graphics
ME 030: Computer Applications
ME 041: Machine Shop Safety
ME 042: Manufacturing and Machine Shop Projects and Practices
ME 100: Mechanical Engineering Career Development
ME 101: Dynamics
ME 101H: Honors Dynamics
ME 106: Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering
ME 109: Heat Transfer in Electronics
ME 110: Manufacturing Processes
ME 111: Fluid Mechanics
ME 113: Thermodynamics
ME 114: Heat Transfer
ME 115: Thermal Engineering Laboratory
ME 120: Experimental Methods
ME 130: Applied Engineering Analysis
ME 135: Introduction to Composite Materials
ME 136: Design for Manufacturability
ME 140: Green & Sustainable Product Design
ME 147: Dynamic Systems Vibration and Control
ME 149: Engineering Acoustics
ME 154: Mechanical Engineering Design
ME 157: Mechanical System Design
ME 160: Introduction to Finite Element Method
ME 165: Computer-Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering
ME 167: Introduction to Engineering Biomechanics
ME 168: Microfluid Fabrication and Design
ME 169: Microelectromechanical Systems Fabrication and Design
ME 170: Solar Energy Engineering
ME 172: Alternative and Renewable Energy Resources
ME 180: Individual Studies
ME 181: Fundamentals of Biosensors
ME 182: Thermal Systems Design
ME 183: HVAC Systems Design
ME 185: Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Fundamentals
ME 186: Automotive Engineering
ME 187: Automatic Control Systems Design
ME 189: Design and Manufacture of Microsystems
ME 190: Mechatronics System Design
ME 192: Robotics and Manufacturing Systems
ME 195A: Senior Design Project I
ME 195B: Senior Design Project II
ME 197: Cooperative Education Project
ME 198: Technology and Civilization
ME 199: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME 201: Project Planning
ME 210: Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 211: Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 221: Viscous Flow Analysis and Computation
ME 230: Advanced Mechanical Engineering Analysis
ME 240: Rigid Body Dynamics
ME 243: Vibration of Mechanical Systems
ME 250: Precision Machine Design
ME 256: Product Design and Development
ME 260: Applied Stress Analysis
ME 265: Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering Design
ME 267: Engineering Biomechanics
ME 268: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
ME 271: Computational Fluid Dynamics for ME
ME 273: Finite Element Methods in Engineering
ME 274: Advanced Finite Element Methods In Engineering
ME 280: Automatic Control Engineering
ME 281: Advanced Control System Design
ME 282: Nonlinear and Adaptive Control
ME 283: Automatic Control of Manufacturing Processes
ME 284: Sensor Technology and Principles
ME 285: Mechatronic Systems Engineering
ME 286: Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
ME 295A: Mechanical Engineering Project I
ME 295B: Mechanical Engineering Project II
ME 297: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME 298: Special Project in Mechanical Engineering
ME 299: Master's Thesis
ME 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision