Mathematics and Statistics Department


MATH 003A: Intensive Learning Mathematics I
MATH 003B: Intensive Learning Mathematics II
MATH 003R: Entry Level Mathematics Review
MATH 006A: Entry Level Mathematics I
MATH 006B: Entry Level Mathematics II
MATH 006D: Entry Level Mathematics
MATH 006L: Entry Level Mathematics
MATH 008: College Algebra
MATH 008W: College Algebra Workshop
MATH 010: Mathematics for General Education
MATH 012: Number Systems
MATH 015A: Statway A: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
MATH 015B: Statway B: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
MATH 015C: Statway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
MATH 015D: Statway Algebra Review Activity
MATH 016A: Statway A: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
MATH 016C: Statway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
MATH 019: Precalculus
MATH 019W: Precalculus Workshop
MATH 030: Calculus I
MATH 030P: Calculus I with Precalculus
MATH 030PL: Calculus I with Precalculus
MATH 030W: Calculus I Workshop
MATH 031: Calculus II
MATH 031W: Calculus II Workshop
MATH 032: Calculus III
MATH 032W: Calculus III Workshop
MATH 042: Discrete Mathematics
MATH 042W: Discrete Math Workshop
MATH 050: Scientific Computing I
MATH 060: Calculus for Biological Sciences
MATH 070: Finite Mathematics
MATH 071: Calculus for Business and Aviation
MATH 071W: Calculus Workshop for Business/Aviation
MATH 100W: Technical Writing Workshop
MATH 101: Problem Solving for Teachers
MATH 102: Secondary School Mathematics
MATH 104: History of Mathematics
MATH 105: Concepts in Mathematics, Probability and Statistics
MATH 106: Intuitive Geometry
MATH 107A: Explorations in Algebra
MATH 107B: Explorations in Geometry
MATH 108: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics and Proofs
MATH 109: Mathematical Software
MATH 110L: Mathematics Computing Laboratory
MATH 112: Vector Calculus
MATH 113: Differential Geometry
MATH 115: Modern Geometry and Transformations
MATH 123: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
MATH 123W: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Workshop
MATH 126: Theory of Numbers
MATH 128A: Abstract Algebra I
MATH 128B: Abstract Algebra II
MATH 129A: Linear Algebra I
MATH 129B: Linear Algebra II
MATH 131A: Introduction to Analysis
MATH 131B: Introduction to Real Variables
MATH 132: Advanced Calculus
MATH 133A: Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 133B: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 133W: Ordinary Differential Equations Workshop
MATH 134: Ord. Diff. Eqns and Dynamical Systems
MATH 138: Complex Variables
MATH 142: Introduction to Combinatorics
MATH 143C: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
MATH 143M: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
MATH 160: Statistics for Biol Sciences
MATH 161A: Applied Probability and Statistics I
MATH 161B: Applied Probability and Statistics II
MATH 162: Statistics for Bioinformatics
MATH 163: Probability Theory
MATH 164: Mathematical Statistics
MATH 167: Programming in SAS
MATH 171: Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science
MATH 175: Introduction to Topology
MATH 177: Linear and Non-Linear Optimization
MATH 178: Mathematical Modeling
MATH 179: Introduction to Graph Theory
MATH 180: Individual Studies
MATH 180H: Individual Studies for Honors
MATH 190: Introduction to MS Level Statistics
MATH 201A: Mathematics for Secondary Teachers
MATH 201B: Mathematics for Secondary Teachers
MATH 203: Applied Mathematics, Computation, and Statistics Projects
MATH 211A: Geometry of Projective Spaces
MATH 211B: Advanced Topics in Geometry
MATH 213A: Introduction to Smooth Manifolds
MATH 213B: Introduction to Riemannian Geometry
MATH 221A: Higher Algebra I
MATH 221B: Higher Algebra II
MATH 226: Theory of Numbers
MATH 229: Advanced Matrix Theory
MATH 231A: Real Analysis
MATH 231B: Functional Analysis
MATH 233A: Applied Mathematics I
MATH 233B: Applied Mathematics II
MATH 234: Advanced Dynamical Systems
MATH 235: Wavelets and their Applications
MATH 238: Advanced Complex Variables
MATH 243A: Advanced Numerical Analysis
MATH 243B: Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis
MATH 243M: Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 257: Multivariate Data Analysis
MATH 258: Categorical Data Analysis
MATH 259: Sampling Design and Analysis
MATH 261A: Regression Theory and Methods
MATH 261B: Design and Analysis of Experiments
MATH 263: Stochastic Processes
MATH 264: Bayesian Data Analysis
MATH 265: Time Series Theory and Methods
MATH 266: Survival Analysis
MATH 267: Computational Statistics
MATH 269: Statistical Consulting
MATH 271A: Mathematical Logic
MATH 271B: Advanced Mathematical Logic
MATH 275A: Topology
MATH 275B: Advanced Topics in Topology
MATH 279A: Graph Theory
MATH 279B: Advanced Graph Theory
MATH 285: Advanced Topics in Mathematics
MATH 290R: Thesis/Project Supervison
MATH 297: Professional Development in College Teaching
MATH 298: Special Study
MATH 298I: Statistics Internship
MATH 299: Master's Thesis

Mathematics Education

MTED 166: Pre-Professional Experience
MTED 184I: Student Teaching for Mathematics Individualized Interns
MTED 184S: Math Education Phase II Seminar
MTED 184Y: Student Teaching II - Classroom Teaching
MTED 184Z: Student Teaching III - Classroom Teaching
MTED 209: Research in Mathematics Education
MTED 394: Secondary School Mathematics