Linguistics and Language Development Department

MA - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The MA- TESOL prepares students to assess and systematically build the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of students from other language backgrounds who wish to learn English or to improve their skills in English. The department strikes a balance between theory and practice. Graduates from the MA- TESOL program staff many of the area's English as a Second Language programs at the community college, adult school and private program level. In addition, a number of TESOL graduates have chosen careers in international settings, teaching English as a Foreign Language in universities, schools and companies in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hungary, Mexico and other countries. MA- TESOL graduates are also eligible to teach abroad through the U.S. government sponsored Fulbright and English Teaching Fellow programs. Any undergraduate major is appropriate preparation for this degree.

Plan A (with Thesis)

Completion of 30 units; approved thesis proposal and thesis. The thesis option allows a student to pursue research in an area of common interest to the student and a faculty member. A thesis proposal may grow out of a course or be developed in LING 298, and must be approved by the student's advisor and thesis committee members. For Master's Thesis requirements please visit

Plan B (without Thesis)

Students are required to complete a total of 30 units (24 required; 6 electives); in addition, students must pass a comprehensive examination.

Course Requirements

Graduate Competency in Writing0
At SJSU, students must pass the graduate competency in writing requirement. For information on the Competency in Writing Requirement, please see
Language Requirement0
The first-year, college level courses in a language other than the student's native language or a demonstrated equivalent language background satisfy the language requirement. It is recommended that students who are planning to teach abroad complete their language requirements in the language of the country they plan to work in.
Requirements of the Masters30
Core Courses24
LLD 250W. Becoming a Professional in Linguistics/TESOL3
LLD 260. English Structures for Teaching I3
LLD 261. English Structures for Teaching II3
LLD 270. Second Language Acquisition3
LLD 271. Intercultural Communication and Second Language Acquisition3
LLD 280. Methods and Materials for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages3
LLD 282. Practicum in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages3
LLD 283. Curriculum and Assessment in TESOL3
Additional Courses6
Plan A (with Thesis)6
LING 299. Master's Thesis or Project1-6
Plan B (without Thesis)6
Two Electives6

Total Units:30