Linguistics and Language Development Department


LING 020: Nature of Language
LING 021: Language and Thinking
LING 022: Language across the Lifespan
LING 024: Language Variation in Space, Time, & Culture
LING 092: Int'l Program Studies
LING 101: Introduction to Linguistics
LING 107: Patterns of English
LING 108: Introduction to Second Language Development, Teaching, and Assessment
LING 111: Introduction to Linguistic Phonetics
LING 112: Introduction to Syntax
LING 113: Introduction to Phonology
LING 114: Introduction to Semantics and Discourse
LING 115: Corpus Linguistics
LING 122: English as a World Language
LING 123: Sound and Communication
LING 124: Introduction to Speech Technology
LING 125: Introduction to Historical-Comparative Linguistics
LING 129: Culture, Language and Ethnicity in the U.S.
LING 161: Psycholinguistics
LING 162: Introduction to Morphology
LING 165: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
LING 166: Sociolinguistics: Cross-Cultural Communication
LING 180: Individual Studies
LING 201: Phonology: Theory and Applications
LING 202A: Syntactic Theory
LING 202B: Current Issues in Syntactic Theory
LING 203: Semantic Structures
LING 204: English Sound Patterns
LING 213: Linguistic Field Methods
LING 240: Language Change
LING 297: Computers and Language
LING 298: Individual Studies
LING 299: Master's Thesis or Project
LING 1290R: Thesis/Project Supervison

Linguistics and Language Development

LLD 100A: Writing Competency through Genres
LLD 100W: Writing Workshop
LLD 100WB: Writing Workshop for Business Students
LLD 104: Introduction to Second Language Learning and Teaching
LLD 163: Introduction to Second Language Development
LLD 182: Tutorial Practicum
LLD 230: Seminar in Linguistics/TESOL
LLD 250C: Oral Communication Competence for Multicultural Students
LLD 250W: Becoming a Professional in Linguistics/TESOL
LLD 260: English Structures for Teaching I
LLD 261: English Structures for Teaching II
LLD 270: Second Language Acquisition
LLD 271: Intercultural Communication and Second Language Acquisition
LLD 280: Methods and Materials for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
LLD 282: Practicum in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
LLD 283: Curriculum and Assessment in TESOL
LLD 289: Classroom Techniques for TESOL Professionals
LLD 290: Foundations of ESP
LLD 293: Developmental Reading/Writing: Principles and Practices
LLD 294: Analyzing Classroom Language
LLD 295: Cross-Cultural Literacy
LLD 297: English in the Global Context
LLD 298: Individual Studies
LLD 299: Master's Thesis or Project
LLD 1001: Academic English I
LLD 1002: Academic English II
LLD 1004: Tutorial for Successful Writing
LLD 1290R: Thesis/Project Supervision