Kinesiology Department

BS - Athletic Training (Not Accepting Students)

University Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all residency, curriculum, unit, and GPA requirements as outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of the Policies and Procedures.

4-Year Program Roadmap

Students may find a roadmap for this program here. These roadmaps are an advising tool that outlines a path of courses a student can take to complete requirements for graduation. Roadmaps should be used in consultation with the catalog and your advisor to identify additional requirements for completing the major (for example course grade minimums).

Major-Specific Graduation Requirements

Students in this major must complete all courses Required in the Major (All courses in Preparation, Core, Concentration/Specialization) with a "C- or better" to graduate. The following courses in Preparation of major must be passed with a "C or better": KIN 100W.

Kinesiology International Experience Requirement

To satisfy the Department of Kinesiology international requirement, students must study abroad for at least nine days in an approved program (exemption from the study abroad portion of the requirement must be approved by the dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts based on compelling individual life experiences or physical limitations. A relevant cross-cultural experience in the U.S. will be substituted). Specific details can be found on the college website at

Changes to Athletic Training Program

The Athletic Training (AT) Strategic Alliance released an official statement about the professional degree for athletic training. The AT Strategic Alliance is made up of the Board of Certification (BOC), Commission on Accreditation on Athletic Training Education (CAATE), National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) and the NATA Research & Education Foundation. The current Standard 2 states "CAATE accredited professional athletic training programs must result in the granting of a master's degree in Athletic Training."

In order to maintain and continue our CAATE accredited professional (undergraduate) Athletic Training Program (ATP), and prepare this important degree transition, Fall 2017 was last admission for the B.S. Athletic Training.

Note: Current SJSU students may declare B. S. Athletic Training, but only students who are formally admitted into the Athletic Training Program (ATP) through our secondary ATP admission will be granted a B.S. in Athletic Training.

Course Requirements

University Graduation Requirements38
Core Lower Division General Education21
Of the 39 units required by the university, 18 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Courses that meet GE Areas A1, A2, A3 or B4 must be passed with a "C-" or better to meet the requirement. Consult with major advisor for details.
Upper Division General Education9
Of the 9 units required by the university, 0 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Consult with major advisor for details.
American Institutions6
The 6 units of American Institutions (US123) coursework shown below also fulfills GE Areas D2 and D3. Other courses meet the American Institutions requirement, but may not include additional GE areas. The American Studies (AMS 1A/B) and Humanities Honors (HUM 1A/B, 2A/B) programs both offer larger integrated packages that meet this requirement. Consult with major advisor for details.
Complete one sequence from:
African American Studies6
AFAM 002A. African-Americans and the Development of America's History and GovernmentD23
AFAM 002B. African-Americans and the Development of America's History and GovernmentD3+US1233
Asian American Studies6
AAS 033A. Asian Americans in U.S. History ID23
AAS 033B. Asian Americans in U.S. History IID3+US1233
U.S. History and Government6
HIST 015. Essentials of U.S. History D2+US13
POLS 015. Essentials of U.S. & California Government D3+US233
Mexican American Studies6
MAS 010A. Mexican Americans and the Development of U.S. History and GovernmentD23
MAS 010B. Mexican Americans and the Development of U.S. History and GovernmentD3+US1233
Physical Education2
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. For additional information on the WST, please see Exceptions to the GWAR may be found at
A grade of C or better (C- not accepted) is required to meet graduation requirement.
Preparation for the Major18
BIOL 065. Human AnatomyB2+B34
BIOL 065O may also be used to meet this requirement. This course does not include a human cadaver lab.
BIOL 066. Human PhysiologyB2+B35
CHEM 030A. Introductory ChemistryB1+B33
KIN 100W. Writing WorkshopZ3
Mathematical Concepts3
UNVS 015C or UNVS 016C may be used in lieu of the statistics course required by this major.
Requirements of the Major61-64
College International Experience0-3
In consultation with advisor, select an International Experience course that is followed by -ITL.
Core Courses23
KIN 070. Introduction to Kinesiology3
KIN 155. Exercise Physiology3
KIN 158. Biomechanics3
KIN 175. Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology3
KIN 185. Senior Seminar1
Four activity courses from four of six different Movement areas (in addition to the 2 unit university graduation requirement)4
Complete one course from:
KIN 160. History of Sport and Physical Education3
KIN 161. Philosophical Perspectives of Sport3
KIN 164. Sociocultural Perspectives3
Complete one course from:
KIN 165. Motor Development3
KIN 166. Motor Learning3
Athletic Training Required Courses38
KIN 162. Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription3
KIN 188. Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries2
KIN 189. Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries Laboratory1
KIN 191A. Advanced Assessment of Lower Extremity Injuries3
KIN 191B. Advanced Assessment of Upper Extremity Injuries3
KIN 193. Organization & Administration in Athletic Training2
KIN 194. Therapeutic Exercise3
KIN 195. Therapeutic Modalities3
KIN 197A. Practicum in Athletic Training I1
KIN 197B. Practicum in Athletic Training II1
KIN 197C. Practicum in Athletic Training III1
KIN 197D. Practicum in Athletic Training IV1
Elective Course to be chosen with major advisor2
Complete one course from:
KIN 167. Sports Psychology3
KIN 168. Psychology of Coaching3
Complete one course from:
NUFS 008. Nutrition for the Health Professions3
NUFS 009. Introduction to Human NutritionE3
Complete one course from:
HS 001. Understanding Your HealthE3
HS 104. Community Health Promotion3
University Electives0-3
The option for university electives is determined by how student is advised.

Total Units:120