Justice Studies Department

Certificate - Collaborative Response to Family Violence (Special Session Program)

The Certificate for Collaborative Response to Family Violence is available to community professionals of all disciplines who wish to enhance their skills and effectiveness through continued study. It is a 12-14 unit certificate program which integrates knowledge in the areas of family violence and collaboration to inform and improve our response to family violence and enhance innovation and effectiveness. Certificate participants will develop a strong working knowledge and awareness of:

  • Family violence
  • Dynamics, impacts and meaning of violence across disciplines
  • Critical systems involved in responding to family violence
  • Skills for collaboration
  • Critical analysis of stages and elements of effective collaboration

Course Requirements

Required Core6
JS 136. Family and Community ViolenceS3
JS 137. Collaborative Response to Family Violence3
Required Seminars3
Take three units of seminar courses.
JS 243. Collaborative Dialogues Seminar1
JS 244. Collaborative Projects Seminar1
JS 245. Collaborative Field Experience Seminar1
JS 245B. Independent Study ICR Field Placement1
Students take two units of JS 245B only if needed to fulfill the JS 245 co-requisite for field experience
Elective Courses3
Take three units of elective courses
JS 246. Research Methods in Family Violence1
JS 247. Family Violence in Special Populations1
JS 248. Community Justice1
JS 249. Neurobiology Response to Family Violence1
SCWK 247. Collaborative Leadership in Social Service Contexts1
Other courses with approval of advisor

Total Units:12-14