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Justice Studies Department

Minor - Human Rights

The Minor in Human Rights is meant to prepare students for careers in or in relation to international law, human rights advocacy/reporting/organizing, and human rights scholarship. The Minor can supplement the program of students who have interests in (for example) social problems, public policy, social movements and social change, international relations/studies, law and governance, issues of justice, and global cultures.

Course Requirements

Requirement of the Minor15
Required Courses9
JS 025. Introduction to Human Rights and Justice3
JS 179. Human Rights Practicum and Seminar3
Complete one course from:
JS 171. Human Rights and JusticeV3
SOCI 118. Sociology of Human Rights and Social Justice3
Additional Courses6
Choose two courses from different departments. Substantive Electives are revised each Fall semester.
Complete two courses from:
AAS 175. Asian American CommunitiesS3
AFAM 134. Martin L. King and the Civil Rights Movement3
AFAM 142. Race, Ethnicity, and the Law3
AFAM 151. Race, Poverty and the Environment3
ANTH 115. The Emerging Global CultureV3
COMM 174. Intercultural Comm & Struct InequalityS3
ECON 112. Economic Development3
ENVS 105. Environmental Change and Problems, San Francisco Bay Area3
ENVS 140. Politics and the Environment3
ENVS 152. Globalization and the EnvironmentR3
ENVS 159. Nature and World CulturesV3
GEOG 112. Nations, Cultures, and Territorial DisputesV3
GEOG 115. Geography of the Global Economy3
HIST 136. History of Terrorism in the Modern World3
HIST 186. Ethnicity and Race in United States History3
HIST 188. History of Women in the United StatesS3
JS 127. Immigration and Justice3
JS 132. Race, Gender, Inequality and the LawS3
MAS 105. Chicanos: United States/Mexico Relations3
MAS 120. Political Economy and Chicana/o Communities3
MAS 130. Chicanas and Chicanos in American SocietyS3
NUFS 139. Hunger and Environmental NutritionR3
POLS 130. Making Public Policy3
POLS 135. U.S. Environmental Policy3
POLS 147. Globalization3
POLS 150. War and PeaceV3
POLS 152A. International Organizations and NGOs3
SCWK 190. Social Welfare: A World View3
SOCI 116. Global SocietyD33
SOCI 118. Sociology of Human Rights and Social Justice3
SOCI 120. Contemporary Social Issues3
SOCI 162. Race and Ethnic RelationsS3
SOCI 164. Social Action3
SOCI 165. Poverty, Wealth and Privilege3
SOCI 172. Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Studies3
WOMS 102. The Global Study of WomenV3
WOMS 112. Women in the Global Economy3

Total Units:15