Justice Studies Department

Forensic Science

FS 011: Survey of Forensic Science
FS 106: Forensic Entomology
FS 160: Special Topics in Forensic Science
FS 161: Crime Scene Investigation
FS 162: Forensic Science Applications
FS 163: Fingerprint Science
FS 164: Crime Scene and Evidence Photography
FS 165: Forensic Biometrics
FS 166: Forensic Chemistry
FS 167: Forensic Molecular Biology
FS 168: Fluorescent Applications in Molecular Biology and Forensic Science
FS 169: FS Senior Sem : Studies in Contemporary FS Issues
FS 170: Forensic Science in Human Rights Investigations
FS 171: Forensic Criminology

Justice Studies

JS 010: Introduction to Justice Studies
JS 012: Introduction to Legal Studies
JS 015: Introductory Statistics in Justice Studies
JS 025: Introduction to Human Rights and Justice
JS 100W: Writing Workshop
JS 101: Critical Issues and Ideas in Justice
JS 102: Police and Society
JS 103: Courts and Society
JS 104: Penal Politics & Institutions
JS 107: Justice Management and Ethics
JS 114: Research Methods in Justice Studies
JS 117: Qualitative Research Methods
JS 121: Media and Justice
JS 122: Drugs and Society
JS 123: Terrorism, Intelligence, and Security
JS 127: Immigration and Justice
JS 128: Punishment, Culture and Society
JS 129: International Crime and Deviance
JS 130: Sexuality & Justice
JS 131: Crisis Intervention, Mediation and Restorative Justice
JS 132: Race, Gender, Inequality and the Law
JS 136: Family and Community Violence
JS 137: Collaborative Response to Family Violence
JS 140: Record Clearance Project
JS 141: Record Clearance Project Representation
JS 142: RCP - Advanced Study and Comm Involvement
JS 143: Criminal Evidence and Procedure
JS 144: Criminal Law
JS 145: White Collar Crime
JS 150: Gender and Crime
JS 151: Criminological Theory
JS 152: Juvenile Delinquency & Justice
JS 153: Crime and Justice Across the Life Course
JS 155: Victimology
JS 156: Gangs, Criminal Syndicates & Justice
JS 157: Deviance and Justice
JS 158: The Prison Community
JS 161: Introduction to Cybercrime
JS 171: Human Rights and Justice
JS 172: Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery
JS 173: Borders and Conflict
JS 179: Human Rights Practicum and Seminar
JS 180: Individual Studies
JS 181: Internship: Justice Studies
JS 183: Ethics in Criminal Justice
JS 184: Directed Reading
JS 185: Special Topics in Law and Justice
JS 185ITL: Justice Studies International Experience
JS 189: Senior Seminar: Contemporary Problems
JS 196: Guns and the Law
JS 201: Justice and Social Theory
JS 202: Survey of Research Methods
JS 203: Seminar in Applied Statistics in Justice
JS 204: Justice Organizations, Ethics & Change
JS 205: Seminar in Law and Courts
JS 206: Seminar in Juvenile Justice
JS 207: Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods
JS 208: Seminar: Punishment & Society
JS 209: Seminar in Police and Social Control
JS 211: Historical Issues in Justice Studies
JS 212: Local & Global Perspectives on Human Rights
JS 214: Seminar: Social Movement, Community Organizing, and Social Justice
JS 218: Seminar: Immigration, Law & Justice
JS 220: Seminar: Criminological Theory
JS 221: Seminar: Deviance & Social Control
JS 222: Seminar: Penal Policies and Justice
JS 223: Seminar: Comparative Criminology & Criminal Justice
JS 243: Collaborative Dialogues Seminar
JS 244: Collaborative Projects Seminar
JS 245: Collaborative Field Experience Seminar
JS 245B: Independent Study ICR Field Placement
JS 246: Research Methods in Family Violence
JS 247: Family Violence in Special Populations
JS 248: Community Justice
JS 249: Neurobiology Response to Family Violence
JS 265: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
JS 266: Applied Research Methods and Statistics
JS 267: Crime and Gender Around the World
JS 268: Immigration and International Law
JS 269: Cyber Forensics
JS 270A: Global Terrorism
JS 271: International Human Rights
JS 272: Policing in Global Contexts
JS 273: International Criminology and Juvenile Delinquency
JS 274: Applied Project
JS 275: Punishment in Global Contexts
JS 281: Justice Practicum
JS 288: Seminar in Special Topics
JS 297: Program Evaluation Project
JS 298: Special Study
JS 299: Master's Thesis
JS 1290R: Thesis/Project Supervision