Journalism and Mass Communications


ADV 091: Introduction to Advertising
ADV 092: Int'l Program Studies
ADV 116: Spartan Daily Advertising Staff
ADV 121: Consumer Advertising
ADV 122: Business-to-Business Advertising
ADV 123: Broadcast and New Media Advertising
ADV 124: Copywriting
ADV 125: Advertising Layout and Production
ADV 126: Media Planning and Buying
ADV 128: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
ADV 129: Advertising Campaign Planning and Management


JOUR 061: Writing for Print, Electronic and Online Media
JOUR 095: Beginning Digital News Photography
JOUR 132: Magazine Reporting, Print and Online
JOUR 133: Editing and News Management
JOUR 134: In-Depth Online Reporting
JOUR 135: Reporting, Editing, and Management
JOUR 136: Newspaper and Magazine Design
JOUR 137: Reviewing the Arts
JOUR 138: Sports Journalism Investigation
JOUR 142: Beginning Visual Journalism for Print/Electronic Media
JOUR 144: Picture Editing for Print/Electronic Media
JOUR 153: Magazine Writing & Editing
JOUR 155: Magazine Editing and Production
JOUR 164: Electronic News Gathering for Television
JOUR 165: Television News Staff
JOUR 166: Convergence Newsroom
JOUR 167: Television News Magazine
JOUR 176A: Documentary Unit I - Short Form Feature Production
JOUR 176B: Documentary Unit II - Long Form/Series Production

Mass Communications

MCOM 063: New Media
MCOM 070: Visual Communication for Modern Media
MCOM 072: Mass Communication and Society
MCOM 092: Int'l Program Studies
MCOM 100W: Writing Workshop: Mass Communications
MCOM 101: Media Law and Ethics
MCOM 103: History of American Media
MCOM 104: Introduction to Mass Communications Research
MCOM 105: Lifestyles, Diversity and the Media
MCOM 106: Global Mass Communication
MCOM 107: Audio Podcasting, Aesthetics and Invention
MCOM 108: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality and Mass Media
MCOM 111: Internship
MCOM 139: Specialized Writing
MCOM 163: Advanced New Media Technologies
MCOM 170: Strategic Social Media & Business Communications
MCOM 180: Global Leadership
MCOM 180ITL: JMC International Experience
MCOM 199A: Advertising & Public Relations Agency I
MCOM 199B: Advertising & Public Relations Agency II
MCOM 210: Media and Social Issues
MCOM 215: New Media Visionaries
MCOM 260: Integrated Strategic Communications
MCOM 270: Communication Law and Public Policy
MCOM 280: Communication Management
MCOM 284: Interactive Project Management
MCOM 285: New Media Technologies
MCOM 290: Theory of Mass Communications
MCOM 295: Mass Communications Research
MCOM 298: Special Studies in Mass Communications
MCOM 299: Master's Thesis

Public Relations

PR 099: Contemporary Public Relations
PR 190: Media Writing in the Information Age
PR 191: Strategic Writing for the Organization
PR 192: Case Studies in Strategic Communication
PR 193: Special Event Management
PR 199: Campaign Planning and Management