Humanities Department

Minor - Middle East Studies

This interdisciplinary minor provides background for students whose professional goals include the promotion of mutual understanding, tolerance and peace in the region. The Middle East Studies minor is especially recommended to students seeking a career in international law, business, economic development, health care, education or religious studies. Courses encompass the disciplines of art history, anthropology, business, foreign languages, history, humanities, political science, sociology and religious studies.

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Requirements of the Minor18-20
Required Course3
MDES 145. Middle Eastern TraditionsV3
Traditions Courses6
Complete two courses from:
RELS 070. Gods, Guns, Gurus, Grails-World ReligionC23
MDES 156. Islam, Politics and the West3
MDES 189. Islamic Perspectives on Gender3
Complete two courses from:
Art History
MDES 183A. Art of Egypt and Mesopotamia3
MDES 183C. Art of Islam 13th-19th Century3
Religious Studies
MDES 090. Bible History and LiteratureC23
Political Science
MDES 144. Middle Eastern Politics4
University Electives3-4
ANTH 011. Cultural AnthropologyD13
ANTH 146. Culture and ConflictV3
BUS2 133A. International Marketing3
BUS5 146. Fundamentals of Project Management3
BUS3 161A. Applied Organizational Behavior3
COMM 174. Intercultural Comm & Struct InequalityS3
GEOG 012. Global GeographyD23
MDES 180. Individual Studies1-4
MDES 184. Directed Reading1-4
MUSC 019. Music in World CulturesC13
POLS 004. Introduction to International RelationsD33
POLS 154. U.S. Foreign Policy: Formulation and Administration4
SOCI 162. Race and Ethnic RelationsS3
or other appropriate courses selected with approval of the minor advisor (including individual studies, directed reading, and/or up to 6 units of foreign language studies)

Total Units:18-20