Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management

Hospitality Management

HSPM 001: Introduction to Hospitality Management
HSPM 011: Restaurant Management
HSPM 012: Cost Control in Hospitality
HSPM 020: Sanitation and Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry
HSPM 022: Catering and Beverage Management
HSPM 023: Culinary Concepts
HSPM 065: Professional Seminar in Hospitality Mgmt
HSPM 086: Special Events Management in Hospitality
HSPM 100W: Writing Workshop
HSPM 101: Multicultural & Intl Issues Hospitality
HSPM 102: Hotel & Lodging Operations
HSPM 103: Facility Planning and Design in Hospitality & Tourism
HSPM 104: Hospitality Marketing
HSPM 105: Finance in Hospitality
HSPM 107: Legal Aspects of Hospitality Management
HSPM 108: Hospitality Information Systems
HSPM 111: Customs and Courtesies in Hospitality
HSPM 121: Hospitality Leadership and Management
HSPM 130: Hospitality Event Production
HSPM 134: Human Resource Management
HSPM 140: Meeting, Convention and Event Industry
HSPM 141: Resort and Club Management
HSPM 142: Tradeshow Event & Meeting Mgnt
HSPM 143: Tourism Destination Marketing and Management
HSPM 148: Wine Appreciation
HSPM 149: Beer Appreciation
HSPM 152: Hotel Catering and Banquet Management
HSPM 154: Revenue Management
HSPM 161: Cruise Operations and Management
HSPM 168: Gaming Management
HSPM 175: Entrepreneurship in Hospitality
HSPM 177: Hospitality Service Management
HSPM 180: Individual Studies
HSPM 184: Directed Reading
HSPM 186: Strategic Management
HSPM 191A: Internship Level 1
HSPM 191B: Internship Level 2

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

HTEM 201: Contemporary Issues
HTEM 202: Marketing Research in HTEM
HTEM 212: Strategic Use of IT
HTEM 213: Sustainable Operations
HTEM 215: International Luxury Hospitality Mgmt