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Public Health and Recreation Department

Health Professions

HPRF 134: Complementary and Alternative Health Practices
HPRF 135ITL: Health issues in a multicultural society-international experience
HPRF 180: Individual Studies
HPRF 260: Multidisciplinary Health Promotion in Later Life

Public Health (HS)

HS 001: Understanding Your Health
HS 015: Human Life Span
HS 025: Health Team Building
HS 067: Introductory Health Statistics
HS 074: Healthy Communities
HS 100W: Writing Workshop
HS 101B: Computer Applications for Professionals
HS 103: Introduction to Health Policy
HS 104: Community Health Promotion
HS 105: Current Issues in Nutrition
HS 106: Concepts in Peer Health Education
HS 107: Aging and Society
HS 108: Health in Later Life
HS 111: Medical Ethics
HS 114: Applications in Community Health Promotion
HS 117: Social Policy and Services in Aging
HS 118: Long Term Care Services
HS 122: Women in the Second Half of Life
HS 126: Drugs, Brain and Behavior
HS 135: Health Issues in a Multicultural Society
HS 135ITL: Health issues in a multicultural society-international experience
HS 137: Families, Aging, and Diversity
HS 140: Human Sexuality
HS 145: Community Mental Health
HS 158: Health Communications
HS 159: Health Program Planning
HS 161: Epidemiology
HS 162: Health Care Organization and Admin
HS 164: Health Services and Social Marketing
HS 165: The Health Professional
HS 166A: Field Experience Seminar
HS 166B: Fieldwork Experience
HS 167: Biostatistics
HS 168: Health Education Theory and Methods
HS 169: Diversity, Stress and Health
HS 170: Health Care Economics
HS 171: Managed Health Care
HS 172: Contemporary Environmental Health Issues
HS 173: Comparative Healthcare Systems
HS 174: Fundamentals of Health Information Tech
HS 175: Legal/Ethical Aspects, Healthcare Admin
HS 176: Introduction to Global Health
HS 180: Individual Studies
HS 184: Directed Reading
HS 200: Contemporary Practice in Public Health
HS 201: Groups and Training: Theory and Practice
HS 205A: Quantitative Methods for Public Health Practice I
HS 205B: Quantitative Methods in Public Health
HS 215: Qualitative Methods for Public Health Practice
HS 261: Principles of Epidemiology
HS 262: Health Policy and Organization
HS 263: Principles and Skills of Health Administration
HS 265: Environmental Health
HS 267: Computational Public Health Statistics
HS 269: Applied Data Analysis
HS 271: Theoretical Foundations of Public Health
HS 272: Health Promotion Planning and Evaluation
HS 276: Community Organization and Health Promotion
HS 277: Multicultural Communication for Health Professionals
HS 291A: Fieldwork Seminar
HS 291B: Fieldwork Practicum
HS 291C: Professional Skills for Public Health Practice
HS 291D: Work Experience Practicum
HS 291P: Professional Development
HS 293: Public Health Leadership
HS 295: Research Methodology
HS 298: Graduate Project
HS 299: Master's Thesis
HS 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision


RECL 010: Creating a Meaningful Life
RECL 015: Human Life Span
RECL 090: Foundations of Recreation Parks & Tourism
RECL 094: The Outdoor Recreation Experience
RECL 097: Event Planning
RECL 100W: Writing Workshop
RECL 110: Leisure, Life and Contemporary Society
RECL 111: Leisure, Culture, and Identity
RECL 112: Foundations of Recreation Therapy
RECL 113: Leisure: Philosophy and Education
RECL 130: Event Marketing in Recreation Enterprises
RECL 132: Recreation Program Planning
RECL 133: Principles of Recreation Leadership
RECL 135: Planning and Managing Rec Areas & Facil
RECL 136: Principles of Recreation and Park Admin
RECL 140A: Spec Interventions in RT:Aquatic Therapy
RECL 140B: Spec Inter in RT: Behavior Interventions
RECL 140C: Spec Inter in RT: Adventure Tx
RECL 143: Festivals and Community Special Events
RECL 144: Natural and Cultural Resource Interpretation in Recreation and Parks
RECL 148: Biofeedback Principles and Practices
RECL 150: For-Profit Enterprises in Recreation
RECL 151: Planning and Development of Tourism and Event Enterprises
RECL 152: Non-Profit Leadership & Management
RECL 153: Youth Development and Services
RECL 155: Outdoor Recreation Systems
RECL 156: Principles of Sustainable Travel and Tourism
RECL 157: Sustainable Recreation & Ecotourism
RECL 158: Cultural and Heritage Tourism
RECL 160: Evaluation and Research in Recreation
RECL 165: Senior Seminar in Recreation
RECL 169: Practicum in Recreation Therapy
RECL 170A: Pre-Intern Workshop
RECL 170B: Internship in Recreation
RECL 170C: Internship in Recreation Therapy
RECL 180: Individual Studies
RECL 184: Directed Reading
RECL 185: Leisure, Recreation and Aging
RECL 187: Leisure Education in Recreation Therapy
RECL 193: RT Interventions for People with Physical Conditions
RECL 197: Recreation Therapy in Mental Health
RECL 198: Rec Therapy Assessment and Documentation
RECL 199: Advanced Practices in Recreation Therapy
RECL 200: Foundations of Recreation and Tourism
RECL 202: Evaluation and Assessment in Recreation and Tourism
RECL 203: Seminar in Recreation-Park Administration
RECL 204: Research Methods in Recreation and Tourism
RECL 205: Finance in Recreation
RECL 210: Contemporary Theories in Recreation and Tourism
RECL 211: Therapeutic Recreation Practices
RECL 212: Facilitation and Intervention in Therapeutic Recreation
RECL 213: Advanced Professional Therapeutic Recreation Practices
RECL 215: International Tourism Trends and Issues
RECL 216: Marketing for Tourism and Recreation
RECL 217: Information Technology and Tourism
RECL 218: Tourism Planning and Development
RECL 219: Cultural and Heritage Tourism
RECL 265: Graduate Research Seminar
RECL 270: Graduate Internship in Recreation and Tourism
RECL 298: Special Studies
RECL 299: Master's Thesis