History Department

MA - History, Concentration in History Education

Advisors: Dr. Patricia Evridge Hill, Dr. Libra Hilde

The MA History, Concentration in History Education is designed for middle and secondary school social science teachers. The curriculum broadens the candidate's knowledge of U.S. and World History. In addition, the program increases the candidate's academic proficiency in history subjects and his/her professional competence in special areas of interest within the field of history and social science education. This is a terminal degree. Candidates who plan to pursue more advanced graduate training in history should apply to the regular Masters degree program outlined above.

Requirements for Admission to Classified Standing

Admission to classified standing for the MA History, Concentration in History Education requires that the student has completed a Single Subject Social Science Teaching Credential, has completed a BA in History or passed the Social Science CSET Examination.

Completing the Course Requirements for the MA - History, Concentration in History Education

Following admission to the university and to the department, the student should consult the history department website and speak with an advisor regarding degree requirements and a proposed degree program. Candidates must complete 20 units of course work in one of the following fields of study: United States History or World History. Eight units may be taken in any field of history. Two units will focus on professional development. U.S. History specialists may apply one World History colloquium (HIST 220) to their primary field, and World History specialists may apply one U.S. History colloquium (HIST 210) to their primary field. Five courses and the 2 units of professional development-22 units-must be completed at the graduate level. All students must retain a 3.0 average to remain in the program and pass the comprehensive examination to receive the degree (see above for explanation of the Plan B examination).

Course Requirements

Graduate Competency in Writing0
At SJSU, students must pass the graduate competency in writing requirement. For information on the Competency in Writing Requirement, please see
Requirements of the Masters30
Professional Development2
HIST 298. Special Study1-6
Should be completed during student's first semester
United States History Primary Field12
HIST 210A. Advanced Colloquium United States History4
HIST 210B. Advanced Colloquium United States History4
HIST 210C. Advanced Colloquium United States History4
World History Primary Field8
HIST 220. Advanced Colloquium in World History4
Additional Graduate or Upper Division Courses8-12

Total Units:30


Procedures for approval for the MA in History, Concentration in History Education are the same as for the general Masters degree except that, for this concentration, no foreign language is required.

The University requires that all graduate students demonstrate competency in written English as a condition for advancement to candidacy. Please refer to the SJSU catalog section titled "Competency in Written English" for details. For graduate courses that meet the competency in written English requirement, please refer to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations website at