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Gerontology Program

Minor - Gerontology

Course Requirements

Requirement of the Minor15
Required Core12
GERO 107. Aging and SocietyS3
GERO 108. Health in Later Life3
GERO 117. Social Policy and Services in Aging3
GERO 133. Gerontology Field Work3
Elective course substitutions may be made only with the prior consent of the Gerontology Advisor
Complete one course from:
GERO 015. Human Life SpanD13
GERO 099. Death, Dying and ReligionsE3
GERO 102. Health Team Building3
GERO 111. Medical Ethics3
GERO 114. Psychology of Aging3
GERO 116. Aging and Nutrition3
GERO 118. Long Term Care Services3
GERO 122. Women in the Second Half of Life3
GERO 137. Families, Aging, and Diversity3
GERO 180. Individual Studies1-4
GERO 185. Leisure, Recreation and Aging3

Total Units:15