Geology Department


GEOL 001: General Geology
GEOL 001L: General Geology Laboratory
GEOL 002: Geology for Engineers
GEOL 003: Planet Earth
GEOL 004L: Earth Systems Lab
GEOL 005: Human Development and the Natural World
GEOL 006: Geology of California
GEOL 007: Earth, Time and Life
GEOL 008: The Age of the Dinosaurs
GEOL 009: Earth Disasters
GEOL 028: Geology Outdoors
GEOL 100W: Writing Workshop
GEOL 103: Earth Systems and the Environment
GEOL 104: Earth Science Teacher Enhancement
GEOL 105: General Oceanography
GEOL 107: Prehistoric Life
GEOL 108: Water, Ecosystems and Society
GEOL 111: Geology and the Environment
GEOL 112: Hazards, Risks of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
GEOL 120: Fundamentals of Mineralogy
GEOL 122: Petrology
GEOL 124: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
GEOL 125: Structural Geology
GEOL 127: Tectonics
GEOL 129A: Introductory Field Geology
GEOL 129B: Advanced Field Geology
GEOL 129C: Intermediate Field Geology
GEOL 130: Marine Geology
GEOL 134: Geomorphology
GEOL 135: Geochemistry
GEOL 137: Introduction to GPS/GIS for Geologic Applications
GEOL 138: Hydrogeology
GEOL 140: Principles of Engineering Geology
GEOL 142: Paleontology
GEOL 143: Active Tectonics
GEOL 145: Earth System Science
GEOL 147: Introduction to Applied Geophysics
GEOL 150: Field Studies in Natural History
GEOL 168A: Global Climate Change I
GEOL 168B: Global Climate Change II
GEOL 174: Hazardous Materials
GEOL 180: Individual Studies
GEOL 184: Directed Reading
GEOL 204: Earth Systems Science for Teachers
GEOL 213: Advanced Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GEOL 214: Sedimentary Petrology and Petrography
GEOL 222: Advanced Sedimentary Geology
GEOL 231: Advanced Structural Geology
GEOL 234: Advanced Geomorphology
GEOL 237: Advanced GIS/GPS Mapping
GEOL 238: Advanced Hydrogeology
GEOL 242: Advanced Paleontology
GEOL 255: Advanced Geology
GEOL 285: Seminar
GEOL 298: Research
GEOL 299: Master's Thesis
GEOL 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision