Geography Department


GEOG 001: Geography of Natural Environments
GEOG 010: Cultural Geography
GEOG 012: Global Geography
GEOG 100W: Writing Workshop
GEOG 105: Urban Geography
GEOG 107: Mapping the World
GEOG 110: Urbanization in the Global South
GEOG 112: Nations, Cultures, and Territorial Disputes
GEOG 113: Global Cities
GEOG 115: Global Development
GEOG 117: Advanced Economic Geography
GEOG 120: Food Supply and Agricultural Systems
GEOG 121: Population and Global Change
GEOG 123: Geography for K-12 Teachers
GEOG 124: Topics in Physical Geography
GEOG 125: Selected Topics in Human Geography
GEOG 130: Natural Resources
GEOG 132: Creating Built Worlds
GEOG 135: Qualitative Methods in Geographical Research
GEOG 140: The United States
GEOG 145: California
GEOG 150: Central and South America and the Caribbean
GEOG 155: Europe
GEOG 160: East and South Asia
GEOG 161: City Life
GEOG 165: National Parks
GEOG 168: Sub-Saharan Africa
GEOG 170: Introduction to Mapping and Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 171: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 172: Cartography: Compilation and Presentation
GEOG 173: Cartography: Dynamic and Interactive Mapping
GEOG 175: Geographic Information Systems: Project Development
GEOG 178: Geographic Information Systems Project
GEOG 180: Individual Studies
GEOG 181: Remote Sensing: Basic Theory and Image Interpretation
GEOG 182: Remote Sensing: Digital Analysis
GEOG 186: Field Study in Physical Geography
GEOG 187: Field Study in Human and Historical Geography
GEOG 195: Spatial Analysis
GEOG 197: Geography Internship
GEOG 199: Senior Seminar
GEOG 210: Geographic Thought and Theory
GEOG 239: Geographic Information Technology
GEOG 240: Qualitative Research Methods
GEOG 279: Geographic Information Science Applications
GEOG 282: Advanced Geographic Techniques
GEOG 286: Geographic Information Systems: Project Management
GEOG 290: Seminar in Research Design for Geographic Information Science
GEOG 298: Special Study
GEOG 299: Master's Thesis or Project