World Languages and Literatures


ARAB 001A: Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 025A: Intermediate Arabic I


CHIN 001A: Elementary Chinese
CHIN 001B: Elementary Chinese
CHIN 025A: Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 025B: Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 101A: Advanced Chinese
CHIN 101B: Advanced Chinese
CHIN 102: Chinese Culture
CHIN 110: Structure of the Chinese Language
CHIN 120A: Modern Chinese Literature (1900-1949)
CHIN 120B: Introduction to Classical Chinese Literature
CHIN 130: Readings in Chinese Culture
CHIN 132: Special Topics in Chinese for Careers
CHIN 140: Chinese Culture and Politics Through Literature
CHIN 180: Individual Studies in Chinese

Foreign Language Education

FLED 184Y: Student Teaching II - Classroom Teaching
FLED 184Z: Student Teaching III - Classroom Teaching
FLED 285: Student Teaching Seminar In Foreign Language Education
FLED 380: Teaching Foreign Languages


FREN 001A: Elementary French
FREN 001B: Elementary French
FREN 001X: Elementary French Individualized
FREN 001Y: Elementary French Individualized
FREN 025A: Intermediate French: Reading
FREN 025B: Intermediate French: Writing
FREN 025C: Intermediate French: Oral Communication
FREN 101A: Advanced French: Reading and Writing
FREN 101B: Advanced French: Written Communication
FREN 101C: Advanced French: Oral Communication
FREN 102A: French Culture
FREN 102B: Francophone Cultures: Through Literature and Cinema
FREN 102C: French Culture
FREN 105: Advanced Grammar: Phonetic Analysis
FREN 110: Advanced Grammar: Grammatical Analysis
FREN 120A: French Literature from the Middle Ages to 1600
FREN 120B: French Literature of the Seventeenth through the Eighteenth Centuries
FREN 132: Special Topics in French for Careers
FREN 140A: French Literature of the Nineteenth Century
FREN 140B: French Literature 20th-21st Centuries
FREN 160: Masters of French Literature
FREN 170: Translation and Comparative Stylistics
FREN 180: Individual Studies in French
FREN 202: Seminar in French/Francophone Civilizations and Culture
FREN 298: Special Study
FREN 299: Master's Thesis or Project

General Foreign Language

FORL 025: World Cultures Through Literature and Cinema
FORL 096A: Elementary Assyrian Culture and Language
FORL 100W: Writing Workshop
FORL 121: Introduction to Comparative Literature
FORL 122: Topics in Comparative World Literature
FORL 126: Holocaust Literature
FORL 150: Learning a World Language
FORL 180: Individual Studies in World Languages and Literatures
FORL 200: Graduate Research & Writing
FORL 205: Romance Linguistics


GERM 001A: Elementary German
GERM 001B: Elementary German
GERM 025A: Intermediate German
GERM 025B: Intermediate German
GERM 101A: Advanced German
GERM 101B: Advanced German
GERM 102A: German Culture until 1871
GERM 102B: German Culture from 1871 to the Present
GERM 180: Individual Studies in German


GRK 105A: Classical and Koine Greek
GRK 105B: Classical and Koine Greek
GRK 180: Individual Studies in Greek


HEBR 010A: Elementary Hebrew
HEBR 010B: Elementary Hebrew
HEBR 010X: Elementary Hebrew- Individual Learning
HEBR 015A: Intermediate Hebrew
HEBR 015B: Intermediate Hebrew
HEBR 015X: Intermediate Hebrew- Individual Learning
HEBR 102A: Advanced Hebrew
HEBR 102B: Advanced Hebrew
HEBR 102X: Advanced Hebrew- Individual Learning


ITAL 001A: Elementary Italian
ITAL 001B: Elementary Italian
ITAL 001X: Elementary Italian - Individualized Learning
ITAL 001Y: Elementary Italian - Individualized Learning
ITAL 002: Basic Reading and Writing
ITAL 101A: Advanced Italian
ITAL 101B: Advanced Italian
ITAL 102: Italian Culture
ITAL 180: Individual Studies in Italian


JPN 001A: Elementary Japanese
JPN 001B: Elementary Japanese
JPN 025A: Intermediate Japanese
JPN 025B: Intermediate Japanese
JPN 101A: Advanced Japanese
JPN 101B: Advanced Japanese
JPN 101C: Advanced Conversational Japanese
JPN 102A: Japanese Culture
JPN 102B: Local and Minority Cultures in Japan
JPN 103: Japanese Ideography and Calligraphy
JPN 105: Media Japanese
JPN 107: Japanese for Business Professionals
JPN 110: Japanese Linguistics
JPN 120: Japanese Literature and Translation
JPN 130: Readings in Japanese Culture
JPN 140: Japanese Drama and Lyrics
JPN 150: Japanese Narratives and Life stories
JPN 160: Special Topics in Japanese Studies
JPN 180: Individual Studies in Japanese


LATN 001A: Elementary Latin
LATN 001B: Elementary Latin
LATN 092: Int'l Program Studies
LATN 180: Individual Studies in Latin


PERS 001A: Elementary Persian Culture and Language I
PERS 001B: Elementary Persian Language B
PERS 025A: Intermediate Persian Culture and Language
PERS 025B: Intermediate Persian Culture and Language


PORT 001A: Elementary Portuguese I
PORT 001B: Elementary Portuguese II
PORT 001X: Elementary Portuguese - Individualized Learning
PORT 001Y: Elementary Portuguese - Individualized Learning
PORT 020A: Intermediate Portuguese
PORT 020B: Intermediate Portuguese
PORT 020X: Intermediate Portuguese - Individualized Learning
PORT 020Y: Intermediate Portuguese - Individualized Learning
PORT 101A: Advanced Portuguese
PORT 101B: Advanced Portuguese
PORT 102A: Special Topics in Lusophone Cultures
PORT 102B: Brazilian Culture
PORT 180: Individual Studies in Portuguese


SPAN 001A: Elementary Spanish
SPAN 001B: Elementary Spanish
SPAN 003: Special Topics in Practical Spanish
SPAN 004A: Basic Spanish I
SPAN 004B: Basic Spanish II
SPAN 020A: Spanish for Spanish Speakers
SPAN 020B: Spanish for Spanish Speakers
SPAN 025A: Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 025B: Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 101A: Advanced Spanish
SPAN 101B: Advanced Spanish
SPAN 102A: Spanish Culture
SPAN 102B: Hispanic American Culture
SPAN 105: Spanish Phonology
SPAN 110: Spanish Morphology and Syntax
SPAN 111: Advanced Spanish Conversation
SPAN 115: Introduction to Literary Studies in Spanish
SPAN 120A: Spanish Literature I
SPAN 120B: Spanish Literature II
SPAN 132: Special Topics in Spanish for Careers
SPAN 140A: Spanish American Literature
SPAN 140B: Spanish American Literature II
SPAN 160A: Hispanic Culture
SPAN 160B: Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 160C: Hispanic Literature
SPAN 170: Spanish Translation: Theory and Practice
SPAN 180: Individual Studies in Spanish
SPAN 201: Modern Spanish
SPAN 202: Seminar in Hispanic Civilization and Culture
SPAN 210: Old Spanish
SPAN 220: Historical Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 225: Spanish Dialectology
SPAN 250: Seminar in the Siglo de Oro
SPAN 260: Seminar in "Modernismo" and the Generation of '98
SPAN 270: Seminar in Contemporary Literature of Spain and Spanish America
SPAN 280: Seminar in Romanticism in Spain and Spanish America
SPAN 298: Special Study
SPAN 299: Master's Thesis or Project


TAG 001A: Elementary Tagalog I
TAG 001B: Elementary Tagalog II


VIET 001A: Elementary Vietnamese
VIET 001B: Elementary Vietnamese
VIET 020A: Vietnamese Literacy for Vietnamese