Environmental Studies, Department of

Environmental Studies

ENVS 001: Introduction to Environmental Issues
ENVS 010: Life on a Changing Planet
ENVS 100W: Environmental Research and Writing
ENVS 105: Environmental Change and Problems, San Francisco Bay Area
ENVS 107: Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy
ENVS 108: Cost-Benefit Analysis
ENVS 110: Resource Analysis
ENVS 111: Geology and the Environment
ENVS 112: Hazardous Waste
ENVS 113: Atmospheric Pollution
ENVS 116: Solar Energy Analysis
ENVS 117: Human Ecology
ENVS 118: Sustainable Home Gardens
ENVS 119: Energy and the Environment
ENVS 121: Population and Global Change
ENVS 124: Introduction to Environmental Law
ENVS 125: Advanced Environmental Law
ENVS 126: Environmental Ethics and Philosophy
ENVS 127: Community-Based Participatory Research
ENVS 128: Water Resource Management
ENVS 129: Water Policy in the Western U.S.
ENVS 130: Energy Policy Analysis
ENVS 131: Air Pollution Meteorology
ENVS 132: Solar Home Design
ENVS 133: Sustainable Energy Strategies
ENVS 135: U.S. Environmental Policy
ENVS 136: Intro to Land Use and Urban Planning
ENVS 137: Green Building Design Issues
ENVS 140: Politics and the Environment
ENVS 142: Introduction to Environmental Planning
ENVS 144: California Wetland Controversies
ENVS 146F: Communication and the Environment
ENVS 148: Sustainable Materials Management
ENVS 150: Introduction to Environmental Thought
ENVS 151: Race, Poverty and the Environment
ENVS 152: Globalization and the Environment
ENVS 154: Sustainable Agriculture
ENVS 156: Introduction to Local Transportation Planning
ENVS 158: Environmental Education
ENVS 159: Nature and World Cultures
ENVS 160: Topics in Environmental Planning
ENVS 161: California Wildlands
ENVS 165: National Parks
ENVS 166: Nature and Conservation Photography
ENVS 167: Managing Environmental Issues
ENVS 168A: Global Climate Change I
ENVS 168B: Global Climate Change II
ENVS 169: Introduction to Social Media in Planning
ENVS 170: Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety
ENVS 173: Forest Ecology and Conservation
ENVS 178: Intro to Regional Transport Planning
ENVS 179A: Fundamentals of GIS for Urban Planning
ENVS 181: Environmental Resource Center
ENVS 184: Directed Reading
ENVS 185: Environmental Impact Analysis
ENVS 187: Environmental Restoration
ENVS 189: Coastal Field Studies
ENVS 190: Advanced Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVS 191: Advanced Environmental Restoration
ENVS 193: Supervised Projects and Research
ENVS 194: Environmental Internship
ENVS 195: Instructor Assistant in Environmental Studies
ENVS 198: Senior Seminar
ENVS 199: Senior Thesis
ENVS 200: Seminar: Environmental Methods
ENVS 210: Current Topics in Environmental Studies
ENVS 230: Seminar: Environmental Theory
ENVS 250: Seminar: Environmental Thought and Philosophy
ENVS 260: Computer Applications in Environmental Analysis
ENVS 270: Field Studies in Water Resource Management
ENVS 284: Directed Reading for Graduate Students
ENVS 285: Graduate Internship
ENVS 291: Advanced Topics in Environmental Restoration
ENVS 295: Graduate Teaching Assistant
ENVS 297: Research and Proposal Development
ENVS 298: Special Study
ENVS 299: Master's Thesis or Project
ENVS 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision