English and Comparative Literature

Minor - Literature

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Requirements of the Minor17-19
Lower Division Courses6-7
Complete two courses from:
ENGL 050. Beginnings to the "American" Experiment3
ENGL 060. The Emergence of "British" and "American" Literatures (1680 to 1860)4
ENGL 070. Emerging Modernisms and Beyond3
Upper Division Courses11-12
Select 11-12 units of Upper Division Advisor Approved Literature classes.*

Total Units:17-19

*Note: The following courses DO NOT count for the Literature Minor: ENGL 100W, ENGL 103, ENGL 105, ENGL 106, ENGL 107, ENGL 110, ENGL 120, ENGL 127, ENGL 128, ENGL 129, ENGL 130, ENGL 131, ENGL 132, ENGL 133, ENGL 134, ENGL 135, ENGL 137, ENGL 173, ENGL 199.