English and Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature

COLT 121: Introduction to Comparative Literature
COLT 122: Topics in Comparative World Literature
COLT 124: Literature and Religious Experience


ENGL 001A: First Year Writing
ENGL 001AF: First-Year Writing: Stretch English I
ENGL 001AS: First-Year Writing: Stretch English II
ENGL 001B: Argument and Analysis
ENGL 002: Critical Thinking and Writing
ENGL 010: Great Works of Literature
ENGL 020: The Graphic Novel
ENGL 021: Mystery and Detective Fiction
ENGL 022: Fantasy and Science Fiction
ENGL 030: Literature and the Environment
ENGL 040: Contemporary World Fiction
ENGL 050: Beginnings to the "American" Experiment
ENGL 060: The Emergence of "British" and "American" Literatures (1680 to 1860)
ENGL 070: Emerging Modernisms and Beyond
ENGL 071: Creative Writing
ENGL 078: Introduction to Shakespeare's Drama
ENGL 100A: Writing Competency Through Genres
ENGL 100W: Writing Workshop
ENGL 100WB: Written Communication: Business
ENGL 101: Introduction to Literary Criticism
ENGL 102: History of the English Language
ENGL 103: Modern English
ENGL 105: Seminar in Advanced Composition
ENGL 106: Editing for Writers
ENGL 107: Professional Technical Writing
ENGL 108: Gaming and Narrative
ENGL 109: Writing and the Young Writer
ENGL 110: Visual Rhetoric and Digital Document Design for Writers
ENGL 112A: Children's Literature
ENGL 112B: Literature for Young Adults
ENGL 113: Gothic Novel and Horror Fiction
ENGL 115: The Bible as Literature
ENGL 116: Myth in Literature
ENGL 117A: American Literature, Film, & Culture
ENGL 117B: Global Film, Literature, and Cultures
ENGL 120: Theatre History
ENGL 121: Introduction to Comparative Literature
ENGL 122: Topics in Comparative World Literature
ENGL 123A: Literature for Global Understanding-The Americas
ENGL 123B: Literature for Global Understanding-Africa
ENGL 123C: Literature for Global Understanding-Oceania
ENGL 123D: Literature for Global Understanding-Asia
ENGL 124: Literature and Religious Experience
ENGL 125: European Literature: Homer through Dante
ENGL 126: Holocaust Literature
ENGL 127: Contemporary Theatre
ENGL 128: Scriptwriting
ENGL 129: Introduction to Career Writing
ENGL 130: Writing Fiction
ENGL 131: Writing Poetry
ENGL 133: Reed Magazine
ENGL 134: Speech Writing
ENGL 135: Writing Nonfiction
ENGL 139: Visiting Authors
ENGL 140A: Old English
ENGL 140B: Beowulf
ENGL 141: Medieval Literature
ENGL 142: Chaucer
ENGL 144: Shakespeare I
ENGL 145: Shakespeare and Performance
ENGL 146: Studies-Early Modern British Literature
ENGL 147: Milton
ENGL 148: British Literature: 1660-1800
ENGL 149: The Romantic Period
ENGL 150: The Victorian Age
ENGL 151: Twentieth Century Poetry
ENGL 152: Studies in British Drama before 1800
ENGL 153: Studies in the British Novel Before 1900
ENGL 156: Black Women Writers: Race, Culture and Resistance
ENGL 157: Topics in Rhetorical Analysis
ENGL 162: Studies-American Literature Before 1865
ENGL 163: American Literature: 1865-1945
ENGL 165: Topics in Ethnic American Literature
ENGL 166: American Literature Since 1945
ENGL 167: Steinbeck
ENGL 168: The American Novel
ENGL 169: Ethnicity in American Literature
ENGL 172: The Arts in U.S. Society
ENGL 173: Thinking About Contemporary World Arts
ENGL 176: The Short Story
ENGL 177: Topics in Fiction Since 1900
ENGL 178: Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 180: Individual Studies
ENGL 181: Special Topics
ENGL 182: Women in Literature
ENGL 183: Major Authors
ENGL 190: Honors Colloquium
ENGL 199: Writing Internship
ENGL 201: Materials and Methods of Literary Research
ENGL 202: Poetic Craft and Theory
ENGL 203: Narrative Craft and Theory
ENGL 204: Seminar in Modern Approaches to Literature
ENGL 208: Seminar in Comparative Literature
ENGL 211: Seminar in Twentieth Century Poetry
ENGL 215: Seminar in Myth and Symbolism
ENGL 216: Seminar in Medieval English Literature
ENGL 224: Studies in English Early Modern Literature
ENGL 225: Seminar in Shakespeare
ENGL 228: Seminar in Genre Studies
ENGL 230: Seminar in Eighteenth Century British Literature
ENGL 232: Seminar in Romanticism
ENGL 233: Seminar in the Victorian Period
ENGL 240: Poet Writ Workshop
ENGL 241: Fic Writ Workshop
ENGL 242: Nonfiction Writing Workshop
ENGL 253: Seminar in Period Studies of American Literature
ENGL 254: Seminar in Genre Studies of American Literature
ENGL 255: Seminar in Thematic Studies of American Literature
ENGL 256: Seminar in Twentieth Century British Literature
ENGL 257: Seminar in the History of Rhetoric
ENGL 259: Seminar in Composition Studies
ENGL 281: Special Topics
ENGL 291: Lit Practicum
ENGL 297: MA Comprehensive Exam Preparation
ENGL 298: Special Study
ENGL 298D: Departmental Thesis or Project
ENGL 299: University Thesis
ENGL 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision

English Education

ENED 184Y: Student Teaching II - Classroom Teaching
ENED 184Z: Student Teaching III - Classroom Teaching
ENED 353: Methods of Teaching English
ENED 365: Seminar in English Education