Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering

EE 030: Introduction to Programming Micro-Controllers for Electrical Engineering
EE 097: Introductory Electrical Engineering Laboratory
EE 098: Introduction to Circuit Analysis
EE 101: Circuits Concepts and Problem Solving
EE 102: Probability and Statistics in Electrical Engineering
EE 104: Numerical Methods in Electrical Engineering
EE 105: Electronics and Microprocessor Applications
EE 106: Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering
EE 110: Circuits and Systems
EE 110L: Continuous and Discrete Time Systems Lab
EE 112: Introduction to Signal Processing
EE 118: Digital Logic Circuit Design
EE 120: Microprocessor Based System Design
EE 122: Electronic Design I
EE 124: Electronic Design II
EE 125: Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits
EE 127: Electronics for Biomedical Applications
EE 128: Physical Electronics
EE 129: Introduction to Integrated Circuits Processing and Design
EE 130: Electric Machines and Drives
EE 132: Theory of Automatic Controls
EE 134: Power Systems
EE 135: Control and Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems
EE 136: Semiconductor Power Electronics
EE 138: Embedded Control System Design
EE 140: Principles of Electromagnetic Fields
EE 142: Fields and Waves
EE 153: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
EE 160: Principles of Communication Systems
EE 161: Digital Communication Systems
EE 164: Fiber Optic Communication
EE 165: Photovoltaic Fabrication/Testing Lab
EE 166: Design of CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits
EE 167: Microelectronics Manufacturing Methods
EE 168: Microfluid Fabrication and Design
EE 169: Microelectromechanical Systems Fabrication and Design
EE 170: CMOS Radio Frequency Circuit Design
EE 172: Introduction to Microwave Engineering
EE 173: Active Microwave Circuit Design
EE 174: Analog Peripheral for Embedded Systems
EE 175: Filter Design: Passive, Active and Switched-Capacitor
EE 176: Computer Organization
EE 177: High Speed System Design and Interfacing
EE 178: Digital Design with FPGAs
EE 179: Digital Design Using Hardware Description Languages
EE 180: Individual Studies
EE 181: Fundamentals of Internetworking
EE 182: Electronics Test Design Engineering I
EE 183: Electronics Test Design Engineering II
EE 189: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
EE 195C: Interdisciplinary Senior Project I
EE 195D: Interdisciplinary Senior Project II
EE 196A: Fundamentals Embedded System Design
EE 197: Cooperative Education Project
EE 198A: Senior Design Project I
EE 198B: Senior Design Project II
EE 209: Network Security
EE 210: Linear System Theory
EE 211: Network Analysis and Synthesis
EE 212: Active Network Synthesis
EE 220: Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design I (RFIC Design I)
EE 221: Semiconductor Devices I
EE 222: Semiconductor Devices II
EE 223: Analog Integrated Circuits
EE 224: High Speed CMOS Circuits
EE 224B: Advanced High Speed CMOS Circuits
EE 225A: Analog IC Transistor Process Design
EE 226: VLSI Technologies
EE 227: Signal Integrity in AMS IC
EE 228: Design Projects in VLSI Systems
EE 229: Advanced Topics in Microelectronics
EE 230: Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design II
EE 231: Automatic Control Theory
EE 232: Sampled-Data Control Systems
EE 233: Optimal Control Systems
EE 235: Nonlinear Control Systems Analysis
EE 237: Vector Control of AC Machines
EE 238: Advanced Power Electronics
EE 239: Selected Topics in Systems and Control
EE 240: Introduction to Nanoelectronics
EE 241: Fundamental of Signal Integrity
EE 242: Embedded Hardware Design
EE 249: Integrated Circuits for Biomedical Application
EE 250: Probabilities, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
EE 251: Digital Communication Systems
EE 252: Advanced Communication Systems
EE 253: Digital Signal Processing
EE 254: Adaptive Signal Processing
EE 255: Wireless/Mobile Communications
EE 256: Programmable DSP Architectures and Applications
EE 257: Digital Communications Processing
EE 258: Neural Networks
EE 259: Selected Topics in Signal Processing
EE 261: Acq. & Analysis of Biomedical Imaging
EE 262: Acquisition and Analysis of Biosignals
EE 263: Digital Image Processing
EE 264: Computed Imaging
EE 265: Hands-on Wireless Communications using Software Defined Radios
EE 270: Advanced Logic Design
EE 271: Digital System Design and Synthesis
EE 272: SoC Design & Verifi. with System Verilog
EE 274: VLSI Design for Testability
EE 275: Advanced Computer Architectures
EE 276: Parallel Computer Systems
EE 276B: Multi-core Architectures
EE 277: Fault Tolerant Digital Systems
EE 278: Digital Design for DSP/Communications
EE 279: Special Topics in Digital Systems
EE 281: Internetworking
EE 282: Internet Security and Cryptography
EE 283: Broadband Communication Networking
EE 284: VoIP and Multimedia Networks
EE 285: Fiber Optic Networking
EE 287: ASIC CMOS Design
EE 288: Data Conversions/Analog Mixed Signal ICs
EE 289: Special Topics in Networking
EE 295: Technical Writing - Engineering Ethics
EE 297A: MSEE Project Proposal
EE 297B: MSEE Project
EE 298: Special Problems
EE 298I: Electrical Engineering Internship Experience
EE 299A: MSEE Thesis Proposal
EE 299B: MSEE Thesis
EE 1290R: MSEE Thesis/Project Continuing Supervision