Education - Special Education, Department of

Education Specialist Credential - Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Preliminary Credential Program

Course Requirements

Required Upper Division Coursework6
EDEL 108D. Curriculum: Mathematics3
EDSE 102. Speech, Language & Typical, Atypical DevS3
Requirements of the Credential39
Core Courses15
EDEL 294. Research and Practices in Health and Special Education3
EDSE 218B. ASD: Mild to Moderate Disabilities3
EDSE 224. Methodologies for Second Language Learners in Special Education Programs3
EDSE 241. Emerging Technology for All Learners3
EDSE 279. Managing Behavior and Emotional Problems of Students in Special Education3
Specialized Coursework18
EDSE 215. Assessment of Students with Disabilities3
EDSE 216A. Teaching Reading and Language Arts3
EDSE 217A. Directed Teaching I6
Plus 50 hours of fieldwork in a general education setting
EDSE 228A. Topics in Collaboration and Transition3
EDSE 230A. Curriculum and Instruction M/M3
Internship Option18
EDSE 105. Supervision Induction Plan Evaluation6
Students will take 105 for three semesters

Total Units:39-57