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Added Authorization in Special Education - Early Childhood Special Education

Course Requirements

The Added Authorization in Early Childhood Special Education is available to individuals who hold a Clear Education Specialist Credential. Completion of this authorization extends special education teaching authorization to students with disabilities between the ages of birth and pre-Kinder.
Requirements of the Credential24
Specialized Courses24
EDSE 104. Atypical Development in Young Children3
EDSE 108. Assessment and Evaluation: Atypical Young Children3
EDSE 154. Practicum and Student Teaching in Special Education6
EDSE 214A. Augmentative and Alternative Comm Strat3
EDSE 218A. ASD: Moderate to Severe Disabilities3
EDSE 221. Intervention for Young Children with Disabilities and Delays3
EDSE 235A. Movement, Mobility, Sensory and Health3

Total Units:24