Education - Special Education, Department of

Special Education

EDSE 014A: American Sign Language I
EDSE 014B: American Sign Language II
EDSE 102: Speech, Language & Typical, Atypical Dev
EDSE 104: Atypical Development in Young Children
EDSE 105: Supervision Induction Plan Evaluation
EDSE 105X: Intern Support Seminar
EDSE 108: Assessment and Evaluation: Atypical Young Children
EDSE 110: Autism Spectrum Disorders
EDSE 115: Introduction to Deaf Culture
EDSE 124: Methodologies for Eng Learners w/out Dis
EDSE 154: Practicum and Student Teaching in Special Education
EDSE 180: Individual Studies
EDSE 192A: Including and Supporting Students
EDSE 206A: Assessment Strategies for M/S
EDSE 209: Educating Students with Emotional Disorders
EDSE 213A: Curriculum, Instruction and Transition
EDSE 214A: Augmentative and Alternative Comm Strat
EDSE 215: Assessment of Students with Disabilities
EDSE 216A: Teaching Reading and Language Arts
EDSE 217A: Directed Teaching I
EDSE 217B: Directed Teaching II
EDSE 217D: Advanced Directed Teaching
EDSE 218A: ASD: Moderate to Severe Disabilities
EDSE 218B: ASD: Mild to Moderate Disabilities
EDSE 218C: ASD: Collaboration and Implementation of Best Practices
EDSE 220: Research Seminar on Exceptional Individuals
EDSE 221: Intervention for Young Children with Disabilities and Delays
EDSE 224: Methodologies for Second Language Learners in Special Education Programs
EDSE 228A: Topics in Collaboration and Transition
EDSE 230A: Curriculum and Instruction M/M
EDSE 231: Issues and Research in Special Education
EDSE 231X: Educational Research: Design and Implementation
EDSE 234: Advanced Fieldwork in Special Education
EDSE 235A: Movement, Mobility, Sensory and Health
EDSE 241: Emerging Technology for All Learners
EDSE 279: Managing Behavior and Emotional Problems of Students in Special Education
EDSE 281: Student Teaching with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
EDSE 285: Seminar on Issues Related to Teaching Exceptional Individuals
EDSE 298: Special Studies
EDSE 299: Master's Thesis