Education - Teacher Education, Department of

Elementary Education

EDEL 102: Psychological Foundations of Education
EDEL 103: Social-Multicultural Foundations of Education
EDEL 108A: Curriculum: Reading/Language Arts
EDEL 108B: Curriculum: Science
EDEL 108C: Curriculum: Social Studies
EDEL 108D: Curriculum: Mathematics
EDEL 108E: Teaching Reading in Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Classrooms
EDEL 143A: Beginning Student-Teaching (Phase I)
EDEL 143B: Advanced Student-Teaching (Phase II)
EDEL 294: Research and Practices in Health and Special Education

Secondary Education

EDSC 153: Student Teaching/Seminar for Interns
EDSC 162: Language/Literacy Development of L2 Learners
EDSC 172A: Social, Philosophical Multicultural Fdn
EDSC 173: Psychological Foundations of Secondary Teacher Education
EDSC 182: Assessment and Evaluation
EDSC 184X: Student Teaching I
EDSC 184Y: Student Teaching II
EDSC 184Z: Student Teaching III
EDSC 200: Academic Writing Seminar for Professional Educators
EDSC 246: Learning Communities: Methods and Management

Teacher Education

EDTE 162: Meeting the Needs of Second Language Learners
EDTE 166: Pre-Professional Experience
EDTE 180: Individual Studies
EDTE 190: Health Education for the Classroom Teacher
EDTE 201: Critical Issues in Education
EDTE 208: Educational Sociology
EDTE 210: Becoming a Reader at Any Age
EDTE 211: Developing Academic Language for Reading Across the Curriculum
EDTE 212: Leadership, Politics and Literacy Program Evaluation
EDTE 213: Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
EDTE 214: Learning in a High Tech Environment
EDTE 216: Ongoing Assessment in Your Classroom
EDTE 217A: Reading Practicum I
EDTE 217B: Reading Practicum 2
EDTE 223: The Politics of Literacy
EDTE 224: Seminar in Educational Psychology
EDTE 230: Mathematics: Teaching Common Core (K-3)
EDTE 231: Math Seminar: Common Core (grades K-3)
EDTE 232: Mathematics: Teaching Common Core (4-8)
EDTE 233: Math Seminar: Common Core (grades 4-8)
EDTE 242R: Field Experience - Reading/Language Arts Specialist
EDTE 244: Seminar in School Curriculum
EDTE 246: Classroom Management and Governance
EDTE 247: Supervisory/Coaching Practices for Teacher Leaders
EDTE 250: Qualitative Research in Education
EDTE 260: Critical Perspectives on Schooling for a Pluralist Democracy
EDTE 261: Cross-Cultural Communication for Teachers: Critical Studies in Language, Culture and Narrative
EDTE 262: Classroom Issues in the Language/Literacy Development of L2 Learners
EDTE 281: Philosophy of Education
EDTE 290C: Research on Literacy Across the Curriculum for an Equitable Society
EDTE 292: Writing Across Cultures and the Curriculum
EDTE 298: Special Studies in Education
EDTE 299: Master's Thesis
EDTE 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision