Education - Counselor Education, Department of

MA - Education, Concentration in Counseling and Student Personnel

Course Requirements

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
At SJSU, students must pass the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). For information on the GWAR, please see
Requirements of the Masters48
Core Courses24
EDCO 215. Introduction to Counseling and Guidance3
EDCO 218. Counseling Process & Techniques3
EDCO 232. Law & Ethics in Counseling3
EDCO 248. Dynamics of Behavior and Development3
EDCO 266. Education and Career Planning3
EDCO 282. Assessment for Counselors3
EDCO 288. Seminar in Counseling Theory and Practice3
EDCO 289. Seminar in Professional Counseling3
Professional Development12
Complete 12 units from:
EDCO 227. School-Family-Community Collaboration3
EDCO 244. Cultural Perspectives in Counseling3
EDCO 268. Lifespan Development3
EDCO 279. Advanced Group Process Theory and Practice3
EDCO 283. Advanced Educational Assessment3
EDCO 285. Trauma Counseling & Crisis Intervention3
EDCO 286. Organizational Change and Development3
EDCO 287. Comprehensive School Counseling Analysis3
Complete 6 units from:
EDCO 267. Practicum in Lifespan and Career Development1-3
EDCO 280. Multicultural Counseling3
EDCO 293. Practicum in Child and Substance Abuse3
EDCO 294. Practicum in Self-Development3
EDCO 292. Supervised Experience in Counseling3-6
Culminating Experience6
EDCO 221. Research in Counselor Education3
Complete one course from:
EDCO 298. Special Studies in Counselor Education1-3
EDCO 299. Master's Thesis3

Total Units:48